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Published Jun. 2nd 2007

Monday: Art is so subjective that it’s hard to make a judgment call sometimes—in fact, it’s gotten to the point where people look at art and say, “Someone must like it, so. . . it must be good art and I’ll learn to like it too.” I think there’s a better way, and on Monday I’ll explain why it’s important to express your own opinion, even if it’s not popular.

Tuesday: More reader-submitted artwork is coming up, this Tuesday! I added some additional requirements to the submission guidelines (they’re still simple) so take a look if you’d like to have your art reviewed on EmptyEasel.

Wednesday: Check back in to learn about the life and works of Francisco Goya (another Spanish court painter) whose art ranged widely from traditional portraits to political satire to horrifying visions he had in his later years.

Thursday: If pink is your favorite color, come on by this Thursday and read all about it in my latest color article. You might be surprised at what you find.

Friday: Want to make a little extra money when people buy your art from Imagekind or Friday’s tutorial will show you how, and it might spark some other ideas as well.

Saturday: I really enjoy doing holiday-specific cartoons. . . Maybe for a few weeks I’ll lead up to the next big one here in the US with some July 4th cartoons.

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