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Monday – Craigslist has entered the art selling scene with a new subcategory where you can list your art for sale. However, Craigslist might not be the best place to post your paintings.

Tuesday – There’s quite a bit of reader submitted artwork just sitting in my inbox, so I’ve decided it’s time to start putting some of it on display. Follow the link to this week’s artwork, two paintings by Zehava Power from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Wednesday – On Wednesday I’m going to compare traffic stats for some of the top art selling sites online, including Imagekind, Sistino, Artist Rising, OriginalArtOnline, and BoundlessGallery. If you’re thinking of selling your work through one of these sites, you won’t want to miss this article.

Thursday – I’ve picked another artist to feature this week, but I’ve got to warn you, his style of painting is quite a bit different from any others I’ve featured in the past. Follow the next link to see how Jeff Lyons combines cartooning and oil painting.

Friday – This week I’ll begin a new series exploring the cultural, psychological, and even commercial significance of colors, starting with the color green.

Saturday – If the world doesn’t end before Saturday, I’ll post another cartoon. If it does, I’ll probably wish I spent less time blogging this weekend.

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Monday - At some point you’ve probably been told, "Good art follows the rules, but great art breaks the rules." Tomorrow you can read my opinion on how to break artistic rules properly, as well as where I think artists should, um, draw the line. :. . . read more

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