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I've always been fascinated by how different artists can be—some tend towards the logical side of artistic creativity (planning. . . read more

This week I decided to ask all artists who have their own art blogs what blogging program they use. I personally use the. . . read more

Well, this is one poll that didn't take off. . . apparently new year's resolutions are passé. I'll try to keep my questions strictly art-related from now on. : ) As for myself, I've only made two resolutions this year, and actually, they're really more like goals. If you'd like to vote, you still can, but only for the next week or so. {democracy:7} I also want to mention,. . . read more

For this week's poll I asked artists to choose the one thing that had helped them develop the most, as artists. If you want to. . . read more

How long have you been an artist? It's only been one week but this poll looks about like I expected it to - the majority of you. . . read more

There are so many different ways and places to sell art these days that recently I began to wonder where most artists sell their art. I know EmptyEasel focuses a lot on selling and marketing art online, but perhaps it's still traditional galleries that most artists use. Maybe it's personal art websites, or eBay, or just. . . read more

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