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Artist Interviews: Q&A Sessions With Professional Artists

Clara Berta started painting in 1988, but as many of us do, she let it slip away. One day, while going through some personal and. . . read more

Osnat Tzadok has been an artist for only nine years, and already has over 4,000 pieces in the homes and offices of various art. . . read more

As a child, Chris Scheidler Pagano loved to draw get-well cards for family and neighbors, and was often encouraged by her grandparents to spend hours drawing. By 11 she was taking painting lesson, and hasn't stopped painting. . . read more

Carolyn Madvig worked in corporate America for 25 years, often feeling unfulfilled. But when her employer decided to downsize,. . . read more

Suzanne Millius was exposed to a very creative lifestyle as a young child. Her parents introduced her to both music and art, but. . . read more

Shortly after becoming a stay-at-home wife, Destiny Womack decided to list a few of her paintings on eBay in hopes of earning enough money to buy more paints and canvases.

To her surprise, they sold within just a few hours and as. . . read more

Corey Johnston originally thought he’d grow up to be a high school English teacher, but once he discovered he could be. . . read more

Tim Gagnon first started painting with acrylics while in college, as he studied fine art, and today he’s a professional artist. . . read more

John T. Davis, of J. Davis Studios, has been a full-time working artist for more than 30 years. One day, while working on a pet project for his daughters, he uncovered a business idea that has lasted 15 years, and is still going strong.

While he enjoys. . . read more

As a young child, Judy Thompson was fascinated with illustration books, often spending hours studying the imagery and drawing. . . read more

Before graduating from art school, Emma SanCartier had to complete a final project. She chose to create an original children's. . . read more

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