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Artist Interviews: Q&A Sessions With Professional Artists

Josh Tiessen has had the desire to create his own art since the time he could hold a crayon in his hand. He first exhibited his. . . read more

As a young child, Eric Bossik was encouraged by his parents - two creative writers - to pursue art. So while he was in high. . . read more

Claire McElveen is a self-taught artist who took a liking to the masters—her favorites being Van Gogh and Monet—and decided to use them as focal points for her own art lessons. By copying their works she honed her skills and became the. . . read more

Terry Evans began designing leather products in December of 1999. She started with her unique leather mugs and today has over 30. . . read more

When Pamela Holderman was just four years old, she was told by her grandmother's neighbor that she was coloring wrong - that she. . . read more

When Lynn Krawczyk worked in the corporate world she found herself working so much, and so hard, that she never slowed down long enough to do anything outside of work. Then one day, while recovering from a back injury, she decided to fill her days with. . . read more

Cindy Wunsch had a successful career in the music industry but left it behind in order to re-connect with her inner child and. . . read more

Rebecca Collins received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas, with a concentration in jewelry and. . . read more

Al Razza has been creating art for 52 years. In kindergarten he put his hand in a pan of wet paint to create a hand print, and knew at that moment that he was going to be an artist. In his teens he was fortunate enough to study with local artists, and as a young. . . read more

Crystal Cook spent her childhood drawing princesses and horses in the margins of her school assignments. As she got older, the. . . read more

Chris Carter loves to create art because it makes her feel “fabulous, balanced, and focused.” And in fact,. . . read more

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