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Here's a question for you. In your opinion, do you think the following painting would be accepted into a juried art fair by a. . . read more

No one can deny that the internet opens up numerous opportunities for the artist, but how does selling online compare to a more. . . read more

The term “starving artist” is so familiar it has its own page on Wikipedia. And most of the artists I know seem to work very hard for the money they make.

So I was intrigued (and perplexed) when I read a blog post where artists were being called “money grabbing” because they were requesting, or stipulating, a licensing fee for the extended use of their images.

In this. . . read more

I was reading a forum discussion recently about painting trees. . . it stood out to me because the artist was trying to paint. . . read more

A year ago, after a few months of “daily painting” and starting a new art blog, I felt it was time to join an online print. . . read more

Plein-air painting—or, painting outside in the open air with all the perils and dangers that entails—is a very odd, and perhaps silly thing to do.

Why not stay in your nice cozy studio with the central heating on, away from the vagaries of weather, biting insects, nosy people, gusts of wind blowing your canvas away, constantly changing light, and rapidly incoming tides?

Why. . . read more

Have you ever stood in front of a painting (yours or someone else’s) and wondered why it doesn’t really say anything? It just. . . read more

Should we (as artists) be willing to adapt and diversify our artwork to the market in order to generate mass market appeal? Or. . . read more

Last year Jane, an artist and collector, bought a painting at a prestigious art show. She loved this new addition to her collection and hung it over her computer so she could look at it every day.

Recently, Jane decided to buy another painting from the same artist, so she looked online and was directed to a gallery website. When she clicked on the artist's name, Jane was shocked to see. . . read more

I once worked with a woman who referred to my art as a “HOBBY,” and it really annoyed me a lot. She was talking about my. . . read more

I can’t help noticing that art galleries are closing in droves. In the USA, anyway. It’s easy to blame this on tough economic. . . read more

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