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Art Opinion: Articles and Insight for the 21st Century Artist

“How long will this painting take? And how do I know when I’m done?” These are two questions that artists are. . . read more

I like to think of myself as an intellectual artist. I don’t mean to say that I am superiorly intelligent, I just mean that my. . . read more

I look at a lot of art, and the one thing I see quite often among artists who haven't been painting very long is the tendency to be too timid.

It is, of course, difficult to be bold when you aren't completely confident in your skills. . . but painting is always a dance between not going far enough and overworking a piece. If you're not on the line between those two things,. . . read more

Last summer I had a close encounter with a grizzly bear. As might be expected, it was a significant event. . . but what’s. . . read more

I read another post today with the same message I’ve been hearing and reading lately—that art is dead. It was written by. . . read more

As a tried-and-true coloured pencil artist, I was often discouraged by teachers during my high school art studies, frowned upon at college and turned away from galleries I’ve approached (though I might add, with encouraging feedback).

You may wonder why I haven’t turned against my chosen medium, but in fact it's quite the opposite—I have persevered so much that I now have 2. . . read more

Being an artist can be tough, because everybody has an opinion about your work. Even art school can be cruel. You have to develop. . . read more

Being a hardened user of traditional media (and not the most techie of folk) my involvement so far in the world of digital art. . . read more

Why do I hate so much of our 20th century visual art with such a passion? I'm certainly not that way with music. I have everything from Mozart to the Sex Pistols on my iPod, and if I hear some awful music, I don't rail against it. . . I just ignore it.

But I really do hate so much 20th century art. I'm talking about, of course, the really. . . read more

I had to run back into the house last Friday to get another tourniquet. As I raced back out I passed the open laptop in the. . . read more

As an artist who has just returned, road weary and exhausted from two back-to-back outdoor art festivals, I take great exception. . . read more

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