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Watercolor Artists

One look at his huge selection of giclée prints and you can immediately tell that James Kinnett has a special place in his heart. . . read more

New Jersey watercolorist Dorrie Rifkin paints her passions. Whether it be music, the Red Sox or that little café tucked into a. . . read more

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I believe the same is true for artwork. A great piece of artwork can ignite various impressions and emotions within each new viewer—and that’s exactly what watercolorist Kerim Kahyagil wants do do in his paintings.

By not tying himself down to recreating a place or time. . . read more

A deep-rooted passion for animals, art and nature fuels Matteo Grilli’s fire for painting and exploration, inspiring him to. . . read more

Just as the Earth revolves around the sun, so do Rajesh Desai’s light-filled paintings. This talented watercolor artist from. . . read more

Living in St. Arnaud near the Nelson Lakes National Park in New Zealand gives watercolor and oil painter Jan Thomson an endless palette of lakes, mountains and rivers to dip her paintbrush into.

Although she began painting later in life, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her work, and Jan’s skillset continues to develop through hands-on. . . read more

When it comes to artwork, there isn’t a medium that North Carolina-based Jennie Martin Tomlin can resist! Whether it’s. . . read more

More than 20 years ago, Colorado artist Martha Kisling fell in love with the exciting and spontaneous nature of watercolor. A. . . read more

Award-winning watercolor and oil portrait artist Peggi Habets is more than capable of simply capturing the likeness of the person she is painting. . . but it is her personal style and artistic ideas that make each piece pop.

Take a look at these next three paintings, and notice all the emotional messages that are conveyed through them. Peggi. . . read more

Yevgenia Watts has studied art both in the Ukraine, where she was born and raised, and in the U.S., where she has lived since the. . . read more

Retired watercolor artist Ron Bigony has been making a splash in the east Texas area lately, winning several awards, and even. . . read more

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