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Video Tutorials: Learn Drawing and Painting Techniques from Professional Artists

Whenever we hear the phrase, “practice makes perfect,” most of us probably think of sports or music - but it’s also very. . . read more

In today’s video clip, watercolor artist Ratindra Das demonstrates his process for painting a section of sky using a “flat. . . read more

In today's video clip, Polly Hammett explains how she makes use of several small value sketches prior to starting on a large painting. As you'll see, the question is not WHAT to paint, but HOW to paint it. Polly has already decided on her subject (a woman) and has even drawn the shape of the woman's outline and many other details. Before starting with any color, however, she wanted to visualize how her painting would look with different areas emphasized. To that end she created several small value studies in black and white, then compared them to see which one she preferred most. Take a look:

In today’s video clip, Jan Kunz demonstrates her multi-step process for accurately painting the shadows of the face. As you can. . . read more

When painting fur, it’s important to think in terms of layers. Take a look at this demonstration by Susan Bourdet - as you’ll. . . read more

In today's video, watercolor painter Barbara Nechis demonstrates how to paint flowers using a wet-into-wet method. As you'll see in the clip below, she starts by thoroughly (yet carefully) re-wetting her paper, to ensure that an even amount of water is spread over the entire painting. Some of the paint that she put down earlier spreads slightly, but since that's the style, it only adds to the painting. Barbara then creates simple floral shapes by dropping in lots of pigment and allowing the water on the paper to pull the pigment outward. Take a look:

Painting a distant figure inside of a landscape (or any scene) is an entirely different task than painting a portrait. Not only. . . read more

In today’s video tutorial, Claudine Hellmuth demonstrates how easy it is to turn old magazine pages into interesting abstract. . . read more

In the truest sense of the word, a non-objective painting is different from an abstract painting. After all, it's not "abstracted" from real life—the artist simply creates shapes, patterns, and texture, and molds them into a final painting. In the video below, Virginia Cobb explains her own approach to creating non-objective artwork, and even demonstrates the first step in her process. Take a look:

In today's video clip, Craig Nelson demonstrates how he starts laying in colors when painting with pastels. Of course, the first. . . read more

In today's short video tutorial, Gloria Page demonstrates how easy it is to create a simple "mask" for your stamping projects,. . . read more

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