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Video Tutorials: Learn Drawing and Painting Techniques from Professional Artists

In today’s video clip, talented watercolor painter and art educator Linda Baker explains how to look at a “finished”. . . read more

Today, Linda Baker will demonstrate the basic techniques for pouring watercolors, as well as explain how she uses masking to. . . read more

Today, watercolor painter Dale Laitinen shows some of the mark-making versatility you can achieve with just a few different paintbrush sizes at hand. In the clip below he uses at least three different sizes of brushes, as well as a variety of warm and cool color combinations to create visual depth and natural, organic details in his landscape painting. Take a look: NOTE: You can get Dale's full landscape painting tutorial at Creative Catalyst.

In today’s video, watercolor painter Dale Laitinen demonstrates a fairly easy method for covering a distant hill in realistic. . . read more

In today's video clip, Martha Saudek discusses some of the elements that affect how water is illuminated by light, and the means. . . read more

This week's video clip on EmptyEasel comes from watercolor painter Taylor Ikin, who is demonstrating how easy it is to modify and adjust watercolor pigment when painting on synthetic Yupo paper rather than traditional paper. Yupo is technically made of plastic, which explains why it's so easy to move paint around on its surface. Take a look at the video below: NOTE: You can get Taylor Ikin's full Yupo tutorial on DVD at Creative Catalyst.

In today’s video clip, Terry Isaac will demonstrate how using the right materials can make transferring a drawing to your. . . read more

In today's video, Sherrill Kahn demonstrates how to achieve an airbrush-style effect on paper or fabric using acrylic paint and. . . read more

Today, Sherri Haab demonstrates how easy it is to use a simple pattern (like a Celtic knot, for example) along with a sheet of PMC to create a classic clay pendant. I didn't know what PMC sheet was before seeing this video, but basically it's precious metal clay in a paper-like form—thin, flexible, easy-to-cut, and perfect for transferring patterns onto, as you'll see below. Take a look: More jewelry-making tutorials are available in Sherri's full DVD at Creative Catalyst.

Today we have a rare opportunity to “look over the shoulder” of mixed media artist Lesley Riley while she designs a. . . read more

In today’s video, Mark Mehaffey demonstrates a unique method of painting by using a mouth atomizer to spray small amounts of. . . read more

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