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Video Tutorials: Learn Drawing and Painting Techniques from Professional Artists

In today’s video clip, watercolorist Donna Zagotta walks us through her steps for creating a strong painting composition.. . . read more

If you’ve ever drawn a line of telephone poles vanishing over the horizon, or sketched railroad tracks leading around a. . . read more

In today's video, Sherrill Kahn is sharing a quick and easy way to make your own stamping tools out of styrofoam. All you'll need is a few basic tools and some acrylic paint and you'll be ready to go in no time! Take a look: NOTE: You can get Sherrill's full acrylic painting DVD at Creative Catalyst.

In today's video clip, George James is demonstrating some of the methods he uses while painting on Yupo paper. You'll notice that. . . read more

In today’s video, Dale Laitinen demonstrates how he mixes natural-looking greens, grays, and violet for use in his amazing. . . read more

In this week's video tutorial, Dale Laitinen demonstrates how you can use the natural characteristics of watercolors to create perfect, soft transitions between different elements in your painting. Dale calls these transitions "links" because they unify, or link, different parts of the painting which otherwise would have felt very separate—for example, the light-blue ocean and the darker cliffs above it. Take a look: NOTE: You can get Dale's complete watercolor DVD at Creative Catalyst.

Watercolor painter Ann Pember is well-known for her larger-than-life florals, which feature vibrant, yet realistically blended. . . read more

Today, Cheng-Khee Chee is demonstrating his own unique method for painting realistically, while using abstract elements as his. . . read more

Today's video clip demonstrates an easy way to create visual interest in a painting or collage. All you need is a small roller, some paint, and a stencil. (And perhaps some blotting paper.) Take a look as Anne Bagby shows how it's done: NOTE: You can get Anne's full DVD of collage and painting tips at Create Catalyst.

Anne Bagby is a very creative collage artist who has all sorts of great ideas for making (and using) various types of mixed-media. . . read more

In today’s video clip, watercolor painter Cheng-Khee Chee is demonstrating a rather fascinating technique for creating a. . . read more

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