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Photography Tips: Fine Art Photography and Digital Camera Advice

In my previous article, I talked about the camera’s shutter, how it works, and what impact even a few fractions of a second’s. . . read more

Every camera - yours, mine, and even all the way back to Louis JM Daguerre’s - is fundamentally just a lightproof box. We. . . read more

Let's be honest—most of the time flash photography is unflattering. Every time you take a photo with flash, your subjects have a very good chance of looking like they're in a coal mine with a flashlight pointed straight at their face.

This is because when you use the flash on your camera, most of the light in the photo is coming from a small but very intense flash head pointed. . . read more

If you’ve just been using the automatic mode on your digital camera, you’re probably becoming curious as to what the other. . . read more

If you've been taking pictures in JPEG format, perhaps you're wondering, “What is RAW? Should I be using RAW format for my. . . read more

I love black and white photography. . . it’s so simple and yet so powerful.

B&W photos tend to look more polished, classic and elegant without the distraction of color. Its easy to see why black and white photography is popular for weddings and portraits, as it expresses the romantic and forces the viewer to recognize the individuality and uniqueness of the. . . read more

If flash isn't an option and you're taking photos in a low-lit area, your shutter will need to be open longer. . . which. . . read more

In today’s article I’ll cover three methods for reducing depth of field in your photos. I’ll also include some visual. . . read more

Understanding the differences between camera lenses may seem like a daunting task if you're a new photographer. Armed with a little knowledge, however, you can feel confident about the lens you're going to buy—even with all the options out there.

. . . read more

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