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Art and Color Theory: Tips for Artists and the Meaning of Colors

Explore the color yellow. What yellows mean to us emotionally and culturally; types of yellow pigments and oil paints (cadmium,. . . read more

Learn about the color blue. What blues mean to us psychologically and culturally;types of blue pigments and oil paints. . . read more

Red is one of three primary colors along with . . . read more

Find out about the color green. What greens mean to us culturally and psychologically; types of greenish pigments and green oil. . . read more

Understanding the color wheel and using color theory in your artwork is a good idea for any artist, but especially for oil. . . read more

I've already written a few articles about color here at EmptyEasel, including one on how to mix paint colors, and another on the amazing power of color in paintings. Today I'll be writing. . . read more

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