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Selling Art at Art Fairs & Festivals (Get Help with Venues, Booths, Promotion and more!)

Recently I drove south for the San Diego Artwalk. Standing in a booth with my art, surrounded by 350 other artists and 100,000. . . read more

As summer winds down, there are still plenty of art festivals on the horizon for fall. Perhaps you’re looking to dip your toe. . . read more

Summer art festivals and art fairs provide great opportunities for artists. . . but while these big events mean more potential customers, they also come with a challenge: how do you make your artwork stand out amongst all the rest? The following ideas are several fun, creative ways to add a personal touch to your art display—I use them all the time myself, and hopefully they'll. . . read more

How many of you have a festival or art fair coming up in the next few weeks? You’ve probably already sent in your paperwork,. . . read more

Art festivals are great events for getting your work directly in front of potential collectors. However. . . it’s also true. . . read more

Art fairs are a curious experience. Hundreds of artists (and thousands of original, expensive creations) converge upon one spot, usually outdoors, and are viewed in temporary displays—makeshift galleries, if you will—and then taken down, often that same day, vanishing from the landscape. In such a hectic and busy setting, finding good neighbors and being a good neighbor is. . . read more

In an ideal world, the amount of effort you put into art events such as festivals and shows would bring about an equal number of. . . read more

When you think of local art shows, a few things might come to mind. Perhaps you think of your local art association, a popular. . . read more

Christmas markets are a real highlight in the community calendar. They're an opportunity for local creatives to get together and share their work, while making a bit of extra cash over the Christmas season. If you've never tried selling your artwork at a Christmas market or holiday fair before, it's a great way to get your name known in your local community. Check out our 4-part series on. . . read more

So far in my series on selling art at craft fairs, I’ve explained how to choose the right craft fair and given some ideas. . . read more

Last week, we discussed how to choose the right craft fair for your art. Today, we’re going to concentrate on setting up your. . . read more

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