Selling Art at Art Fairs & Festivals

Want to sell art locally at an art fair? Then you're in the right place!  

No one can tell you what the best art fairs for artists are (because every fair and every artist is different!) but at EmptyEasel we can help with everything else! We've got art booth ideas, advice for choosing a festival for your style of art, and much more.

 Best of all, our guides are written by artists who currently sell art at festivals, so they know what works!

Read more about selling at art fairs, below:

Here are the top ten questions that I always ask when I'm considering attending a summer art fair. All of these questions together help me determine that ever-important final question: "Should I stay or should I go?"
Does your art tend to focus on one specific subject - like pets, cars or construction? If so, why not display your art at a trade show or expo that matches your subject matter? Think about it: industry trade shows aren’t so different from art fairs. There’ll be lots of people (who happen to share a common interest) looking to buy, browse, and mingle.