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Art Business Advice: Real Strategies to Help you Succeed in the Business of Art

Art reproduction company TOPofART recently sent me the time-lapse video below, and it blew my mind—I hope you enjoy it as much. . . read more

I recently participated in a group Facebook conversation with an artist who was making the switch to creating art full-time. She. . . read more

Everybody says artists need an internet presence. Sometimes that's just a website, but a lot of experts also say you should blog. Search engines (and readers) love new content and a blog is ideal for producing new content. You want to do the right thing and you want to promote your artwork, so you started blogging. But maybe it’s been a while, and so far your blog just doesn’t seem to be. . . read more

Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Sekinchan is one of many paddy plantations that cover the land. It is unique. . . read more

“So, do you just wait for something to inspire you?” That’s a question I hear all the time. . . and it reveals a common. . . read more

In February 2017, a light bulb went off.

I was talking to a software engineer working at a physics research company, and hearing her talk about her fear of and love for the art world. She was an aspiring artist, had worked in watercolors for years, but was too scared to take the final leap of dedicating herself full-time—something I could tell she wanted so strongly.

I. . . read more

Last year I began an envelope exchange, a popular activity for letter lovers of all ages. Within a short time, almost 50 people. . . read more

Disappointment is as much a part of life as breathing. If you’ve lived any length of time, you’ve experienced disappointment;. . . read more

As artists, we often run into obstacles that hinder our creativity. Maybe it's just a small worry that sucks some of the life out of your work. Or maybe it's something bigger that stops you in your tracks for days or weeks.

It can be understandably hard to find inspiration at these times. You might feel that your creative juices have dried up or that you have no more to give to the. . . read more

I once had a kitchen window with an awful view: Dirt. That was all, just plain ol’ dirt. Nothing even growing in it. The. . . read more

Like the elephant in the middle of the room, expectations are rarely the topic of conversation at art events. We could save a lot. . . read more

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