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Advertising Art Online: Information on CPM and PPC Advertising Options for Artists

As an individual artist with a web site (from which I sell my own art, write a blog, and run a Cafepress shop) I decided to give. . . read more

My experiment with Google Adwords was somewhere between success and failure. I DID get visitors to EmptyEasel through my ads, and. . . read more

Over the past month or so I've been experimenting with Google Adwords to figure out the best techniques for advertising art online. For the full story you should start from the beginning and read my first, . . . read more

Today's article is the third in my ongoing series entitled Adwords for Artists. I thought it'd be a good idea to quickly go. . . read more

If you’re an artist thinking about advertising your art through Adwords, don’t expect immediate success without a little. . . read more

A few weeks ago I joined Adwords (Google's advertising program) to learn for myself how cost-per-click advertising works. The following article is the first in a new series here on EmptyEasel about using Google’s Adwords program to advertise art online. Today's article will start at the very. . . read more

Last week I explained how artists could target art buyers through Facebook's new advertising program. Today I'll pick up right. . . read more

Artists, have you ever considered advertising your art with Facebook ads? Facebook has always been a large social network, but. . . read more

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