Advertising Art Online

Want to advertise your art online and get more sales?

Advertising art can be tricky—and expensive—so take a few minutes and read through our free art advertising guides before paying for ads.

You should also know that the most common ways to advertise art on the internet is through Google Adsense or Facebook Ads. We cover both platforms: you'll learn how to use Facebook to advertise to potential art buyers directly, AND how to use Google Adsense to get more visitors to your art website.

Learn how to advertise your art online below:

Finally. . . I'm getting some visitors through my ads! If you’ve been following along in my Adwords for Artists series, you know that I hadn’t seen very good results from the first advertising campaign I tried. But, after revising my strategy, the last few weeks have gone a lot better. . .
If you’re an artist thinking about advertising your art through Adwords, don’t expect immediate success without a little experimentation. I say that because after two weeks of running an ad campaign I’ve had only two clicks. Not great, but I DID learn a lot about how to improve. . .