An Interview with Osnat Tzadok, Abstract Expressionist Painter

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OsnatTzadok Osnat Tzadok has been an artist for only nine years, and already has over 4,000 pieces in the homes and offices of various art collectors.

What makes her story truly inspirational is the fact that she started painting on a whim. . . her friend invited her to an art supply store, which “evoked deep feelings” that she decided needed to be explored.

Osnat paints in what she calls a “naïve style”—a style that is often “characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique.” While there are many art courses taught using this style, Osnat is a self-taught artist, and is glad to be creating in a style that reflects the works of artists like Paul Gaugin, Mikhail Larionov, Paul Klee, and Sergey Zagraevsky.

Alyice: What is abstract art to you, and why do you create it?

Osnat: Abstract art gives me the freedom to create. No boundaries, no rules, no limits to what my mind, soul and hand can express and achieve.

It’s Abstract Expressionism. It evokes emotions and feelings, emphasized with bursting strong colors. In one abstract painting one can see many stories without seeing it clearly and defined.


Alyice: Why did you choose abstract as your creative style of choice?

Osnat: It is the only way to create a piece of art that can catch up with the rhythm of my emotions and express them well on canvas.

Alyice: How has your style changed over the years?

Osnat: I started with still life, but in abstract I felt the freedom to create.

Painting an abstract feels like dreaming a dream. . . anything can happen. There is no reality, almost no logic; but like a dream, it carries a message.

When you look at the finished artwork you find the logic, you find the beauty, you find the comfort.

Alyice: Since abstract art is non-representational (without recognizable shapes or figures) how do you find your inspiration?

Osnat: When I started my career as an artist I wanted to plan ahead (i.e. find the subject) but every time I tried to do so I ended up with something totally different. I decided then to let go. No thinking, just listening to music and let my emotions carry me away.

Alyice: What is your creative process like?

Osnat: When I work I don’t have a planned schedule. Sometimes when I go to an art supply store I examine their products and buy a product or two that I feel I will need, but no real plans.

I practice a lot. Enjoying the process. Sometimes the most beautiful paintings were created from the biggest mistakes. Now the big question is, do you believe in “mistakes”?


Alyice: Why is color theory so important in abstract art?

Osnat: Colors and correct combination of colors are very important. Lots of emotions are evoked through my colors. A friend once told me that she knows what mood I am in every day just by looking at my paintings.

I never learned color theory, I simply feel the colors.

Sometimes I feel so connected to several colors that in one day I will use those same colors in few paintings.

Alyice: Abstract art evokes a lot of emotions through color and composition. Can you tell us how you use color and composition to evoke emotion in your pieces?

Osnat: I can’t express it in words. Colors and endless composition possibilities are just there. . . raw, ready to be exposed.


Alyice: What is the most challenging part about creating abstract art?

Osnat: The most challenging part is to create an abstract that will be remembered and appreciated over time. I think it is the challenge of every artist.

Alyice: What do you wish you knew about painting abstracts before you got started?

Osnat: Looking back, I know now that I wouldn’t want to change anything. . . meaning I am proud to be a self-taught artist.

Alyice: How do you come up with a profitable pricing structure for your abstract pieces?

Osnat: I price my artworks based on time, effort, size (for the large scale ones), materials and technique involved.

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