VIDEO: How to Apply Molding Paste Texture to a Painting

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Today, Jacqueline Sullivan is demonstrating one of her many techniques for adding texture to a painting or collage.

Most of us have seen the heavy, painterly texture that can be achieved using molding paste (or modeling paste) but here Jacqueline actually removes most of the paste by pressing it with paper, in order to leave a lighter, more natural texture. Take a look:

For more texture tips check out Jacqueline’s full DVD tutorial at Creative Catalyst.

Transcription of “How to Apply Molding Paste Texture to a Painting”

[Jacqueline speaking] The next texture we’re going to work with is molding paste. Golden has a little wider range of molding paste than the other companies. I use the one that just says molding paste.

There’s several different things that we’re going to do with the molding paste—it’s just a very versatile material.

I’m using just a plastic palette knife from the craft store to put it down. . . you can see how thick it is. And the first thing I’m going to do is just a technique that I call pulled molding paste. And, I’m just going to put some here, just like putting icing on a cake.

I’m kind of working between and around my other textures. Now I could leave it just like that, I can just draw my textures in. Actually that—I think I am going to leave like that, because I’m kind of liking the way it looks.

I’m pulling it down and blending it in and letting it gradually go into the rest of the painting so it’s not like an abrupt step up.

What I’m going to do with the rest of this is I’m just going to take an old piece of paper and put it on top, and pull it up. . . and you get this wonderful organic shape that’s going there.

Now, if you don’t like it—just do it again. And if it’s like going too straight, just put it down, give it a little twist, and pull it back up.

Now, this can be like a piece of watercolor paper or something, and you actually get two for one.

See if you get this little hairline texture down in here, which is really subtle and really pretty—this is actually a little too angular, I’m going to change the direction of that with a twist. . . there we go.

[end of video]


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