An Interview With Jewelry Artist and Designer, Angela B.

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AngelaBAngela B, of Charming Habits Jewelry believes that words offer the ability to empower people. . . choose the right word, the right mantra, and your world can change forever.

Originally Angela just designed her jewelry in an effort to regain confidence in her own being; to remind herself of her own, personal vision.

But when word got out and orders began flooding in, she realized that she could help others win their battles as well, by offering jewelry that made them feel good on the outside while empowering them on the inside.

Alyice: How long have you been a jewelry designer?

Angela B: All my life. I’m a creative person. . . even as a child I would make friendship bracelets, key chain holders, and whatever came to mind. The label jewelry designer is crazy to me because I’m just a person that likes to accentuate my clothing with accessories. It just so happens that I like to make mine.

Alyice: What prompted you to start creating jewelry?

Angela B: I didn’t set out to start a business; it found me.

I take pride in my jewelry and I love the fact that others are inspired by it. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face. It drives me to be more creative and to pay attention to life’s lessons.

Alyice: How did the idea for your sterling silver jewelry line come about?

Angela B: Organically.

I designed a “Peace” bracelet as a Christmas gift for my dear friend, who just so happens to teach Yoga. When she wore it in class, students commented and requests came in. . . BOOM a business was born. Within a few weeks my jewelry was sold in several spas and yoga studios. It was so exciting.


Alyice: What is your design process like?

Angela B: It’s very simple. . . I do what I feel.

Anything more than that and I lose my creativity and purpose. Sometimes I may be thinking about a situation I overcame or just where I am in life at the moment. I believe having a mantra is so important as it lets you know where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Alyice: You use a lot of words in your jewelry designs, like “faith” “believe” “destiny” “grace” and “emerge.” What is it about these words that inspire you?


Angela B: They are empowering.

Think about it. . . in your darkest moment the simplest word can speak to your heart. It can give you confidence and put you back in the game.

My favorite is word is “Emerge.” With the butterfly wing and the word it’s so poetic.

How many people are hiding right now? Fearful of the economy or telling a friend something they did upset them, or playing small simply to appease family and friends. “Emerge” means to “just be YOU.”

Alyice: You tend to keep a low profile online, offering very little information about the designer behind your jewelry business, Charming Habits Jewelry. Why the secrecy?

Angela B: I never thought about it in that way. How I see it is that my jewelry is meant to inspire others. It’s not about me, not about selling me.


Alyice: You’ve hired a publicist early on to help build your business. Most start-ups are scared to take such a financial plunge. Can you share your reasoning behind hiring a publicist and how it has helped your business?

Angela B: I believe in my jewelry.

When you believe in something wholeheartedly doubt easily fades away and you make choices others fear doing.

I wanted to focus on my jewelry and my customers and having a public relations team allows for that to happen. I have 99 problems and marketing isn’t it one.

I like to be as stress-free as possible and my PR company has been very good to me in that way. The fruits of their labor won’t begin until May but I’m confident their work is garnering recognition to a the right audience.

Alyice: What’s been your greatest success as jewelry designer?

Angela B: I love the compliments and testimonies I receive on my designs.

When something you do brightens up another person’s day you feel good. It makes you want to do more good things.


Alyice: Where do you hope to take your jewelry line in the future?

Angela B: By the end of the year I hope to be in several stores and expanding the Charming Habits Jewelry brand with a book.

Learn more about Angela B. and browse the rest of her beautiful, inspiring work by visiting the Charming Habits Jewelry shop at


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