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Art Contests and Competitions for Artists

Two weeks ago, many of you entered artwork (or voted for your favorite art) in a competition jointly sponsored by EmptyEasel and. . . read more

The last entries are in, and now it's up to the voters! Check out these last four artists (and take a look at all the other. . . read more

So far this week about 40 artists have entered to win a custom-designed website from ArtFlock.com. All things considered, the odds of winning in this competition aren't too bad—especially since there are TWO websites up for grabs, not just one.

If you'd like to enter and haven't yet, . . . read more

This coming Thursday is the last day to enter artwork in this competition, so if you'd like the chance to win a free art website,. . . read more

Click here to see more art from the competition being held over at ArtFlock this week. It's not too late to enter and the prizes. . . read more

After looking through all the competition entries below, please take a moment and vote for your favorite. If you're an artist, learn how to enter your own art for the chance to win one of two custom-designed artist. . . read more

Would you like a free custom-designed art website? If so, now's your chance! Throughout the next few weeks, EmptyEasel will be. . . read more

Today’s post is a little different than normal. Instead of posting my article here, I’ve entered it in a contest over. . . read more

Got a couple minutes? Might as well check out the fine art at the Saatchi Gallery online. Heck, you can even vote for your. . . read more

Last Friday I received an email about an upcoming art competition from Julie Kolka, public relations manager for The Guild, Inc.. . . read more

Matt Glover of ChewingPencils is hosting an online contest during the month of January ('07) while he takes some time off from. . . read more

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