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Photography Tips: Fine Art Photography and Digital Camera Advice

Writer Anthony J. D’Angelo said it beautifully: “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to. . . read more

We all know we should back up our computers. None of us seem to do it, however. To me, talking about backups is kind of like. . . read more

Staying organized is a chore, I know. And reading about staying organized isn’t any fun either.

But even though "workflow" isn’t the sexiest photography topic, searching through countless images to find one photo is way too tedious to do every day. And losing photos is even uglier. . . trust me.

So put your game face on and let’s look at the basics of how to keep. . . read more

Despite the wide variety of photographic muses that people chase, nearly everyone who has a camera sooner or later will want to. . . read more

Have you ever focused on a long-term photography project? By that I mean, set yourself a photographic goal and worked on it (if. . . read more

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept,” said Ansel Adams—making a salient and rather grumpy sounding point.

I wonder what Adams (who wrestled massive view cameras and other gear out into the wilderness) would be like today if he were handed a digital camera, terabyte hard drive and Twitter feed?

Many photographers tend to work with a. . . read more

In some of my previous articles we’ve looked at aperture and shutter speed. Today, I’ll be going over another one of. . . read more

In my last article I introduced the idea of exposure and some of the things every photographer should consider when trying to. . . read more

Sooner than later, everyone who has a camera wants a better one. The reality, however, is that a better camera is only a small part of being a better photographer.

When it’s time to expand your kit or upgrade your DSLR, keep the following money-saving tips in mind:

1. Determine your vision

It's quite easy to get distracted by the idea of buying. . . read more

Today we'll be looking at how exposure works, and what makes a good exposure "good." To start with, exposure is the most basic. . . read more

Here’s a very common scenario for new photographers. You get a camera. You take some pictures. You eventually import those. . . read more

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