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SEO for Artists: Website Tips to Help your Art Rank Higher in Google’s Search Results

Do you have your own artist website? If so, then the following articles are for you!

You see, we believe every artist with a portfolio site should know at least the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By making a few SEO tweaks to your portfolio website, you can make it easier to find online and reach more people with your art!

(Don't have a website? No problem! Check out our SEO-friendly artists websites at Foliotwist—created specifically for artists who want to sell more art online.)

Here are EE's most popular SEO tips for artists:

What is Search Engine Optimization (And How Can Artists Use it?)

How to Increase Traffic to your Art Blog by Describing your Artwork for Google

How to choose a Domain Name (and page URLs) for Your Art Website or Blog

The Easiest SEO Tip for Online Artists: Using Bold and Italic Keywords

Deep Linking Techniques for Art Bloggers (and Artists with Online Portfolios)

How to Attract Local Art Buyers to Your Art Website or Blog

Want more SEO help? It's all below.

From our latest articles all the way back to our very first, here's everything we've ever published on SEO for artists. Enjoy!

Coming up with titles for your artwork is tough—no question about it. Do you go with something simple that describes the image?. . . read more

One of the best ways to understand how Search Engine Optimization works is to see how it actually affects your website. Today,. . . read more

Today I want to share a fairly simple outline that any artist can use to schedule their search engine optimization efforts. It. . . read more

Today, I want to talk about an important SEO (search engine optimization) technique that may not immediately be apparent to online artists.

As you probably already know, SEO is all about using words correctly on your art blog or website, getting links from other websites, and slowly moving up in the search engine. . . read more

For those of you who have your own art blog, or personal art website, you know how important it is that your webpages show up in. . . read more

SEO is overrated! At least, that’s what I used to think, until I saw with my own eyes how I sold some of my art because of. . . read more

Are you seeing a dip in traffic to your art website or art blog? It happens every year, starting around Thanksgiving and. . . read more

If you're an online artist and you're interested in search engine optimization (SEO for short) you should probably also know a little bit about PageRank.

PageRank is simply a scale from 0 to 10 that shows how much "authority" your website has compared to other sites online. It was created by Google as a quick and easy way for webmasters to see how their sites were. . . read more

SEO, or “search engine optimization” is a term that encompasses all the different techniques you can use to help your website. . . read more

With blogging, some things that seem simple and natural (like how you write the titles for your blog posts) are actually fairly. . . read more

We all know that if someone searches for a word or phrase in Google which closely matches the information on your website, then. . . read more

A few days back I was talking with a friend of mine who is starting his own photography blog, and he asked a very good question that I think most new art bloggers probably wonder about, too.

Everyone seems to know by now that to get more visitors to your website or art blog you need to start getting other websites linking to you.

This is because the more links you get,. . . read more

Google Analytics is a free web stats program which allows anyone, including online artists and art bloggers, to track the number. . . read more

Did you know that the date-based archive system that you find on most blogs can hurt your chances of ranking higher in the search. . . read more

In today's article I'm going to talk about a seldom-used SEO technique that can be very effective for artists with their own art. . . read more

Splash pages are no good. At least, when it comes to search engine optimization. Take a look at your online portfolio or art website. If it contains a splash page, it's a whole lot harder for visitors to find your site through search engines—and that, of course, doesn't help your chances of making a. . . read more

Today I won't be explaining a normal search engine optimization technique for artists, or for that matter, an SEO tip at all.. . . read more

If you really want to get someone's attention online, a simple link might do the job faster than sending an email or using a. . . read more

If you want to sell your art online, you need to help people find it. In this article I'll be comparing the two most popular. . . read more

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