10 Fun (and Stable) Career Choices for Creative People

Published Dec. 30th 2013

So you love art, but have no desire to be a fulltime artist? I don’t blame you—it’s tough out there, and earning a living as an artist can be a hard path.

The good news is, there are still many jobs in creative industries where you can express your talents. Here are 10 career paths with a steady paycheck where your creativity will be an asset to your employer:

1. Graphic designer

You’ll create advertisements and visual designs for clients. These designs will be published in media campaigns, book publishing, online and company branding and logos. This is a great way to get your artistic ideas in the public eye.

Study requirements: You’ll need a certificate or degree in Graphic or Visual Design and a high level of proficiency in computer design skills and software.

2. Teacher

Teachers need a lot of ingenuity to plan lessons and find ways to explain ideas to students. Teaching methods allow for a lot of tailoring, which is often appealing to creatives, and it’s also immensely satisfying to teach people something you are passionate about.

Study requirements: You’ll need a general degree as well as a teaching degree.

3. Architect

While architecture is as much a science as it is an art, it always takes great creative vision. . . and the ideas you have can become reality, not just on paper, but in the real world, too.

Study requirements: You’ll need a degree in Architecture which is a rigorous program, but you’ll (hopefully) attain a highly sought after job when you graduate.

4. Journalist

Being a professional writer of any kind has it’s challenges, but being a journalist (especially in certain fields) can be an adrenalin rush all day long.

Study requirements: You’ll need a specialist media degree, an internship and a lot of luck to be a journalist.

5. Music management and promotion

If you don’t have the rare “something” that it takes to be a professional musician, then why not stay involved in music but work as a promoter? You’d work for a record label, promote artists and gigs, and network with bands and fans. For music lovers, that’s not a bad way to live!

Study requirements: A music degree might not be essential, but regardless, you’ll surely need a business mind, too.

6. Art gallery assistant

As a gallery assistant you’ll be around art all day, give tours and meet the artists. Being around people in the art world will inspire you to constantly learn and expand your knowledge of art.

Study requirements: A degree in Art History and experience in customer services and public speaking.

7. Librarian

You’ll become an expert in information and have access to a wide range of information. Being a librarian requires you to become a subject expert in your field, perfect if you study the classics, history, art history, etc.

Study requirements: You’ll need a specialist library qualification, or a qualification in your chosen subject field and a strong eye for detail.

8. Chef

You could work as an amateur chef in a café, get a certificate in cake design, or train to be a professional chef, among many other options. Cooking requires a creative and adventurous mind that is always willing to try new things.

Study requirements: Attend specialist chef school.

9. Photographer

Put your artistic skills to use and train to be a photographer. You’ll soon find yourself earning money for the hobby you once had, as you get hired by journalists or take freelance jobs.

Study requirements: You’ll need at least a certificate or a basic qualification. Being a journalists assistant means you could start as an apprentice and work your way up to being a freelance photographer with your own clients and business.

10. Fashion stylist

Make use of your creative eye for detail and colour as a stylist or assistant at your favourite store. You’ll be around gorgeous clothes all day long and gain a lot of experience in understand what customers want.

Study requirements: Fashion diploma and retail experience.

Each career listed above takes non-traditional thinking and ingenuity, so always market your creativity as your biggest strength at job interviews. Let your employers know how your artistic mindset will positively contribute to their business, and you may find yourself in a new career sooner than you think!

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