Art Business Advice: Real Strategies to Help you Succeed in the Business of Art

Art impacts us all as individuals, but it can also reach into a community to impact the masses. This is the goal of Chicago Kids Create, a program initiated by Chicago public school parent Catherine Marchese and artist Jeff Semmerling. “Chicago Kids Create is a unique, hands-on, visual arts. . . read more
In an ideal world, the amount of effort you put into art events such as festivals and shows would bring about an equal number of rewards—things like sales, recognition, and publicity. Of course, in the real world it’s not that simple. Your time and energy is limited, and you have to. . . read more
When you think of local art shows, a few things might come to mind. Perhaps you think of your local art association, a popular local events for the arts, or an annual show organized around a particular theme. I’ve participated in a local themed show in my community for the past several. . . read more
We’ve all heard about those crazy viral ad campaigns that spread like wildfire and reach millions of people all around the world in just a couple of days. Have you ever looked at one and said. . . “I could have done that!”? Photo credit – Eric Fischer Well, you can. In fact,. . . read more
Accepting where you are in your art journey can be frustrating. As artists, we always want to be further ahead and more accomplished, full of amazing vision or master of better technique. Yet despite our hard work and efforts, it is sometimes easy to feel we are never as good as we could be.. . . read more
For many of us, art is easily accessible: it’s on our walls, we go see it in local galleries and museums—or we simply create it ourselves. For others, however, art is only a distant idea seen briefly on television or read about in books. And the chance to create art? It just. . . read more
Working from a live model is one of the best ways to learn to paint or draw the human figure. There are many times, though, when you may not have access to a workshop where there are live models to draw from. So what’s an artist to do?? Draw or paint a stature, of course! [...]. . . read more
As many of you may already know, I’m a big fan of Chris Guillebeau and his Unconventional Guides franchise. Not only did I help out with one of his first guides—Art & Money—but I’ve enjoyed watching his blog and story unfold over the past several years. So, when the latest. . . read more
For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together. -Vincent van Gogh Hugh Welchman is a man with a vision. . . oh, and he also runs an animation studio. And Welchman’s vision (you could also call it an incredibly audacious. . . read more
Have you ever been told that it’s easier to paint an unfamiliar object or face than a familiar one? What happens when you spend years painting local scenery, or using the same model for your portraits? Does that translate to better paintings? When is it acceptable to “paint what you. . . read more
As some of you might recall, last month on EmptyEasel we invited all artists to take our 2014 Art World Survey. We asked questions about your likes, dislikes, future goals, and even frustrations—all in an attempt to better understand EmptyEasel’s global community of artists. After. . . read more
If you’re a plein air painter and you don’t paint regularly with a buddy, then I encourage you to call up your artist friends and set a date for your next excursion. Painting with other artists offers opportunities to hone your skills, and will most likely also deepen your. . . read more
Everyone needs money to live. It’s a simple fact of life—unless, of course, you happen to live in a strict barter society. :) It’s also a simple fact of life that most people don’t have the luxury of earning a living through work they enjoy. If you’re an artist, however, that. . . read more
Imagine your walls without art. . . stark white walls without energy and happiness. These are the walls that countless hospice residents experience daily, with no hope of joy or color to be had. This problem is a great concern to many artists and organizations around the country. As one. . . read more

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