General Art Advice: Ideas, Inspiration, and Helpful Tips for Artists

When you think of local art shows, a few things might come to mind. Perhaps you think of your local art association, a popular local events for the arts, or an annual show organized around a particular theme. I’ve participated in a local themed show in my community for the past several. . . read more
Working from a live model is one of the best ways to learn to paint or draw the human figure. There are many times, though, when you may not have access to a workshop where there are live models to draw from. So what’s an artist to do?? Draw or paint a stature, of course! [...]. . . read more
Have you ever been told that it’s easier to paint an unfamiliar object or face than a familiar one? What happens when you spend years painting local scenery, or using the same model for your portraits? Does that translate to better paintings? When is it acceptable to “paint what you. . . read more
If you’re a plein air painter and you don’t paint regularly with a buddy, then I encourage you to call up your artist friends and set a date for your next excursion. Painting with other artists offers opportunities to hone your skills, and will most likely also deepen your. . . read more
An online portfolio is a great place to showcase your work, because it allows viewers to quickly and easily browse your art and explore your style and subject matter. Unfortunately, it can also quickly turn into a dumping ground for digital images of your art, especially if you’re new to. . . read more
One of my favorite ways to increase my skill and knowledge about art is to take workshops from excellent instructors. For me it’s part of my self-directed curriculum, and it gives me the camaraderie of studying art with like-minded people. However, before I figured out a good system for. . . read more
So you love art, but have no desire to be a fulltime artist? I don’t blame you—it’s tough out there, and earning a living as an artist can be a hard path. The good news is, there are still many jobs in creative industries where you can express your talents. Here are 10. . . read more
We’ve all been there. You’ve worked, reworked, and reworked a painting again until you can’t stand to look at it anymore. Now you’re about to toss it into the trash pile (maybe after hacking it into pieces for good measure). But before you give in to the temptation to have a Paul. . . read more
Nowadays there are a number of people (me included) who are on a limited budget. They would like to attend art workshops and classes, but just can’t, either because money’s tight or just because they’re busy, have family obligations, etc. So today I’d like to share. . . read more
The practice of Daily Painting (or “A Painting a Day” as it’s sometimes called) has been a boon to many artists, allowing them to increase sales by selling smaller works at more affordable prices as they simultaneously hone their craft. I made a commitment to the practice of daily. . . read more
Art magazines are not only fun to read—if you’re a writer, they also offer an excellent opportunity to get your name and work in front of an audience of appreciative art enthusiasts. However. . . writing for publication isn’t easy! Before even considering it, you’ll need. . . read more
As you can probably guess from some of my other articles, I have a passion for reading about the connections between psychology and creativity. One of the books I picked up (early on, as a beginning artist) was Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel. It’s a book I’ve hung on to over the years. . . read more
In my last couple of articles, I’ve been talking about the world of art licensing and how you, as an artist, can get your work on to items like t-shirts, mugs, homewares, linen, skateboards. . . and so much more. And it’s all very well to learn about how art licensing works, but. . . read more
Recently I explained some of the characteristics of Highly Sensitive Persons. Being both a Highly Sensitive Person and an artist brings unique challenges. . . artists often need outside stimulation in order to create; however, a little too much stimulation can sap the energy of artists who. . . read more

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