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General Art Advice: Ideas, Inspiration, and Helpful Tips for Artists

If you’re a parent, and you tell someone “My child practices soccer six days a week,” you’ll likely get a sympathetic nod. . . read more

In a previous post, I shared three questions you should answer before you start shopping for artwork. (Read that article here.). . . read more

Glow in the Dark by Amelia Furman. 6 x 6, $125

“When I have more money, I’m definitely going to buy your work!”

How many times have you heard this? How many times have you SAID this?

Probably more than you. . . read more

The time has come—you’re about to buy some gorgeous art to decorate your home or office. Problem is, you’re not. . . read more

“Dang it, I’m an artist, not a photographer!” How many of us have said that before? Photography can be so technical. . . read more

There’s nothing more scary than handing over your dream to someone, especially if you’re doing it online—but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you commission an artist to create a custom piece of art for you. Most of the time it's of a subject or person close to your heart, so it's absolutely got to be done right.

Over the years I’ve painted quite a number of. . . read more

Maybe you’re moving into a new house. . . perhaps you’re remodeling and upgrading your current home. Or, maybe your. . . read more

Any time I buy a higher-priced item, I first do my research—I compare different versions of the product with my criteria and. . . read more

There are any number of reasons you might find yourself unable to make art. I’m going to focus on two because both are near and dear to me right now: injury, and unexpected life changes.

In my own life, I’ve been dealing with back pain that makes it difficult to work like I normally do. But any illness or injury has the potential to derail your art and your work. . . read more

If you’re a freelance artist working for clients, it’s vitally important that you are able to meet your deadlines. I. . . read more

Do you sell art in two or more different mediums? Maybe sometimes you work on paper with dry media (pencils, charcoal, etc) and. . . read more

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