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Jerry La Point: Impressionistic Oil and Watercolor Paintings

After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, Jerry La Point began his artistic career with exuberance, exhibiting commercially in solo and group shows for 14 years.

His work has been showcased in galleries from Atlanta, Ga. to Blowing Rock, N.C. His success lies very obviously in his masterful skill at creating free flowing, expressive paintings in both watercolor and oil.

The dynamic, almost turbulent, perspective seen in Crossing, below, portrays wildness to perfection. A rushing brook gushes toward the viewer, reflecting colors of the trees above and jagged rocks and boulders below as it tumbles down the forest slope with lively determination.


Out of focus tree trunks and foliage give a sense of motion. . . almost as if we, ourselves, are looking from left to right rapidly, lost and scared in the wilderness.

In Floral 1, Jerry’s swift, unconcerned brushstrokes create an untidy background that reminds me of when a child gets his or her hands dirty and marks up a pristine white wall. It presents a carefree, relaxed attitude that I find very pleasing.


After all, flowers spring up from the dirt, and what is dirt but dirty?! The painting pays homage to the earth and a celebration of the beauty of flowers that cannot be arranged or contained without a determined hand.

Best of all, in a vase jumbled with cream and teal flowers sits one perfect rose. This particular rose’s captivating red petals dip and swirl delicately into one another, drawing us forward with the hint of a luscious scent, and the desire to “stop and smell the roses.”

Last but not least is Neighbors by the Lake, featuring a white-washed community of homes hidden behind a waterlogged wall of purples and pinks.


Perhaps living near a lake, where one could fish, swim, boat and soak in the sun to his or her heart’s content feels like living with rose-colored glasses. It certainly sounds wonderful to me!

What I love most about this painting, however, is that it tells the lake’s tale in its appearance, alone – so clever! Tall, leafless trees reflect atop the still water, and the houses that rest on dry land beyond bleed into one another, making it hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.

The rest of Jerry’s portfolio proves even more that he can dabble in all sorts of styles and approaches, and still come out with something cohesive, beautiful, and captivating. Don’t miss this opportunity to check out the rest of his work today!

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