How to Put a YouTube Video in a Blog Post

Published Sep. 22nd 2011

Have you ever found yourself short on time, but you just hate to forego writing a new post for your art blog? Well, I have good news. . . there’s no need to agonize over written words when a video will do just as well!

The next time you’re in a bind, head on over to Youtube, scroll through your favorites list, and pick an art-related video to share with your readers.

Here are 3 simple steps for adding a Youtube video to your art blog:

Step 1. Start at

Go to, sign in, and click the link to create a new post.


Once you’re on the “New Post” page, select the “Edit HTML” tab on the upper right side of the screen. This will allow you to paste code into your blog post, instead of just writing text like you would normally do.

Step 2. Get video code at

Open a new screen and go to Next, find a video you want to showcase on your blog and click on the title of the video.

Once on the video page, click the “Share” tab below it.


After clicking the “Share” tab, more options will appear underneath it. Click on the “Embed” button since you’ll be “embedding” the video into your blog post.


Just like before, once you click that button more options will appear below.


One of those options allows you to resize the video so that it fits nicely inside the dimensions of your blog post.

You can choose from preset widths and heights, or you can customize the width and height of the video by typing in your own dimensions.


Once you’ve selected the appropriate size, highlight and copy the video code which is found in the text box. Make sure you get it all!


Step 3. Paste the code into your blog post

Once you’ve copied the code, go back to your “New Post” in Blogger and paste the code into the post area.


Keep in mind, since Youtube videos do not show up in RSS feeds, it’s always a good idea to include a brief write up about the video, along with a direct link the video on Youtube in every post.

Then, once you’re done, publish it and go watch the video play! Good luck!

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