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Art Marketing Tips: Techniques for Promoting and Marketing Your Art

I paint at home, so an open studio event has always been something of a pipe dream for me. But when our local school of the arts. . . read more

Let’s talk about two simple facts about marketing. • Marketing is necessary (yes, even for artists) • Anyone can be a. . . read more

Do you ever feel stuck for ways to blog, post, tweet, and share about your art? If so, keep reading, because today I'm going to break down 50 different ways to talk about your art and connect with potential (and current) collectors:

1. Ask your audience for feedback—Is it finished?

2. Ask your audience to vote on a title for your latest piece.

3. Share secrets about. . . read more

Is getting your art into a gallery the RIGHT choice for you? These days, many artists aren’t represented by galleries. Of. . . read more

In today’s era of digital art and social media, there’s a growing business model that has become increasingly popular. . . read more

Art auctions held by non-profits are a win-win for everyone involved. These types of events are great because they promote the artist and the venue, they raise awareness for a cause, AND they help raise funds for the non-profit.

Luckily, my first experience with a non-profit art auction couldn't have gone any better. The auction included all local artists, and my art was even featured. . . read more

Traffic on my blog went nuts the first weekend in March. Absolutely nuts! Previously, my average daily traffic was in the. . . read more

Today, there are countless numbers of artists sharing their art online, networking, and trying to build communities. But while. . . read more

How many of you use Pinterest? Probably most of us, right? After all, for creatives, it's an easy way to find massive amounts of inspiration—and then quickly save that inspiration for later.

But more and more, Pinterest is becoming a place for shoppers, too. And that makes it especially helpful to artists who are trying to reach buyers with their art.

So that got me. . . read more

Finding the best audience for your art is crucial to developing a marketing plan. After all, if you know the people most likely. . . read more

If you dream of making a living from your art, you probably share one thing in common with every other artist who is also trying. . . read more

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