Art Marketing Tips: Techniques for Promoting and Marketing Your Art

We’ve all heard about those crazy viral ad campaigns that spread like wildfire and reach millions of people all around the world in just a couple of days. Have you ever looked at one and said. . . “I could have done that!”? Photo credit – Eric Fischer Well, you can. In fact,. . . read more
Everyone needs money to live. It’s a simple fact of life—unless, of course, you happen to live in a strict barter society. :) It’s also a simple fact of life that most people don’t have the luxury of earning a living through work they enjoy. If you’re an artist, however, that. . . read more
If you are serious about marketing yourself as an artist and have a budget to hire an art-marketing guru, then consider whether an art consultant might help you and your art career take off. Art consultants understand the art world from a marketing standpoint, and they help you manage your. . . read more
Community art exhibits are a great way to get a range of artists from the local community to exhibit their work together. Not only does it provide established artists with an event to present their work, but it also gives up-and-coming amateur artists the opportunity to enter the art world.. . . read more
Welcome back to “The ABC’s of Art Marketing,” an alphabet guide to marketing your art from A to Z! In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on the letter “K” for Karma—suggested by artist Josephine A. Geiger who said, “Good vibes are always more productive than bad ones,. . . read more
If you’ve ever tried to sell your artwork in person, you’ve probably read or been told that it’s beneficial to listen to your customers, and invite them to talk about themselves. That way, they will remember having a pleasant experience with you, and be more inclined to purchase. . . read more
Creating an artist newsletter is a great way to get your artwork, gallery, art magazine, blog or publication out there and known by your community. Even better, email marketing is cheap, effective, and easy to do if you have the right tools—and with today’s email software you can even. . . read more
Welcome back to “The ABC’s of Art Marketing”—an alphabet guide to marketing your art, from A to Z. In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on the letter “J” and the importance of submitting your artwork for juried shows, residencies and calls for art. I remember vividly the very. . . read more
So you’ve put together a local art exhibition—that’s great! Now you need to recruit artists for your show, and promote it locally. Before you start, you will need to establish who you are targeting. For example, you might want student artists, young adults and amateurs to submit. . . read more
Over the past several years, Facebook has grown into a powerful networking tool that allows artists to really expand their fan base. Artists can establish themselves as experts, meet and interact with peers across the globe, locate business contacts and sources, and raise visibility about. . . read more
Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that’s fast becoming the “news” source for everyday people, by everyday people. While it can be used to stay in touch with friends and family, many small businesses, including artists, have used Twitter to help increase sales, build brand. . . read more
Welcome back to “The ABC’s of Art Marketing”—an alphabet guide to marketing your art, from A to Z. In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on the 5 “I’s” of art marketing by explaining the importance of impressing viewers and fans, interesting yourself in their. . . read more
LinkedIn is a professional network designed to help like-minded business people connect, share their resumes, and locate work. By setting up a profile page and logging into LinkedIn on a regular basis you can increase visibility through member connections, research companies and people. . . read more
Did you know that placing an advertisement in a local paper or magazine can be a cost-effective way to reach art buyers? Many small print publications offer affordable advertising rates, especially if you choose to advertise in the classified section. Below are five key elements for creating. . . read more

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