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Art Marketing Tips: Techniques for Promoting and Marketing Your Art

Let’s talk about two simple facts about marketing. • Marketing is necessary (yes, even for artists) • Anyone can be a. . . read more

Do you ever feel stuck for ways to blog, post, tweet, and share about your art? If so, keep reading, because today I’m. . . read more

Is getting your art into a gallery the RIGHT choice for you?

These days, many artists aren't represented by galleries. Of course, many other artists are, and for a long time, galleries were pretty much the only way for artists to sell art. So you may have already wondered, "Is gallery representation something I should have?"

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but. . . read more

In today’s era of digital art and social media, there’s a growing business model that has become increasingly popular. . . read more

Art auctions held by non-profits are a win-win for everyone involved. These types of events are great because they promote the. . . read more

Traffic on my blog went nuts the first weekend in March. Absolutely nuts!

Previously, my average daily traffic was in the neighborhood of 100 visits. But when I checked my stats at the end of the day on March 4th (a Friday) it was clear something was up. I had just gotten 282 visits to my blog in the past 24 hours.

The pace didn't slow through the weekend (in fact, it picked. . . read more

Today, there are countless numbers of artists sharing their art online, networking, and trying to build communities. But while. . . read more

How many of you use Pinterest? Probably most of us, right? After all, for creatives, it’s an easy way to find massive. . . read more

Finding the best audience for your art is crucial to developing a marketing plan. After all, if you know the people most likely to be interested in your work, it's a whole lot easier to decide where (and how) to spend your marketing dollars.

But, while it's important to. . . read more

If you dream of making a living from your art, you probably share one thing in common with every other artist who is also trying. . . read more

I’m often amazed that artists don’t blog more than they do. Some of my favorite artists, artists who I would love to follow. . . read more

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