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Janice Warriner: Elegant Paintings, Ordinary Things

What a delight it was to discover the graceful oil paintings of Janice Warriner. When an artist can take you into such a pristine and lovely place as she does, it’s an absolute pleasure to dive deeper into that world.

Janice was born in Alberta, Canada, but currently calls Colorado home. . . which, incidentally, is the perfect place to capture many of her beautiful landscape images.

She did not explore a formal art education, but instead learned her techniques under the guidance of excellent instructors both in Canada and the United States. Janice has also been greatly inspired by the Impressionist and Expressionist movements, although in the end, she’s certainly developed her own elegant style.

Sunflowers and Apples

She states, “Beauty is everywhere one might hope to find it. And all is inspiration to the heart of the artist.” Take a look at her paintings and you’ll instantly see what she means by that.

These so-called ordinary objects and scenes are come alive through Janice’s paintbrush. With large, loose brushstrokes, she creates dynamic, controlled compositions. Her scenes are soft, too, blending light and color in a way that almost seems to have no harsh edges or corners.

Mustard Fields

I am especially drawn to Janice’s stunning landscapes. They are simple, but with such rich color. Janice capitalizes on the purest tones found in grasses, trees, mountains and sky to make her paintings vibrant as in the one above.

I just love the simplicity of that single grove of trees sitting on the bright yellow field. It emphasizes how demure, yet commanding a well-painted landscape can be.

Hazy Morning

To explore more of Janice’s elegant oil paintings please take a minute to visit her lovely website at www.janicewarriner.com.

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