Timo Hilger: Oil Paintings Made to Perfection

Published on Dec. 1st 2010

The holidays are about family, celebration—and food! Since by now you’ve probably recovered from your Thanksgiving dinner, take a minute to feast your eyes on the delectable oil paintings of Timo Hilger.

Timo is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Germany. A little over two weeks ago he began the adventure of a daily blog to further improve his painting techniques. He calls this new journey his “pigmented trip.” And that it is. . . full of color, light, and texture. Already I am curious to see how he can improve further.


Timo’s paintings are ultra realistic and beautifully simple. Though Timo apologizes for the glare in the apple painting above, I think the glare adds spark.

This image shows how well he is able to capture light while working with clear, bold colors. I love how this apple is set against a solid blue background. This helps the viewer focus on the apple form and the subtle texture of the fruit.

Speaking of texture, take a close look at this next painting and you can’t help but notice all the fine details of indentations, cuts, and soft skin.


Not only that, but Timo carefully places his subjects to capture their most interesting pose. In the painting above he places the pear so you can experience its full curves. He refers to this painting as “romantic” and in a way, adds to that feeling of romance by setting the pear against a lovely pink background.”


This last image showcases a parade of corks. . . a painting which (as Timo puts it) took a long time to finish because he had to drink the wine first.

Again, the corks are stunningly realistic, full of texture, and vigilantly placed in a dynamic composition. The soft green background is a subtle complementary color, helping the corks “pop” forward just a little more.

I invite you all to visit Timo Hilger’s new art blog to experience more of his delectable oil paintings made to perfection.

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