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Randall David Tipton: Painterly yet Abstract Landscapes

When you’ve seen one landscape painting, you’ve seen them all, right?

Well, probably not. At least, not if the landscape you’ve just laid eyes on is one of Randall David Tipton’s stunning paintings.

Currently living in Portland, Oregon, Randall seems surprised when someone states they can recognize his work at a glance. But how could you not? His landscapes sing with a unique, almost contemporary Asian flair, mixed with soft painterly washes and surprising detail.

Randall describes his style as "painterly realism," "expressionist naturalism," and "abstract realism." I can only describe it as captivating.


Though Randall’s images feel like watercolors, they are indeed oil paintings. He combines a beautiful wash technique with clean, detailed edges.

Take note of this technique in the painting above. The rocks and trees have crisp edges and strong forms, yet they are filled with an elusive multi-colored wash. This combination gives the illusion of both a flat AND dimensional scene at the same time.

Oneanta September

The second image also offers a great example of flatness, paired with depth. The arrangement of the cliff walls and pebbles creates this depth, while the cliffs themselves are simply a wash of colors devoid of rocky details.

Storm over Government Island

After viewing his work, it’s easy to understand how Randall is influenced by American abstract expressionists, and he agrees that he is exploring the same sort of ideas.

Sure, his paintings are inspired by the great Northwest, but copying a scene exactly is the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, he hopes each one of his finished paintings have "inherent interest and is in the spirit of the particular landscape".

To see more of his unique paintings, please visit RandallDavidTipton.com.

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