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I often think about how many hours of my friends’ lives are spent in an office environment. For them, getting that “office with a window” or “corner office with a view” is a symbol of great achievement and success. (And a nice perk, too!)

In contrast, my studio is mostly the great outdoors, which comes with its own set of challenges—think gritty wind, hot sun, and rain while you’re trying to paint! Yet I am enlivened by my time outdoors, as most of us are.

After all, we intuitively know that time spent in nature is restorative. Business retreats are held in spectacular locations far from city and office environments.

The question is, how do you bring the clarity of mind and peaceful spirit into the office or where you work? How do you create that “office with a view” without spending twenty years climbing the corporate ladder?

I heard a great story recently which stated that hanging an original painting (or a giclee print) on your office wall is like having a window with a view—a window into the very place where you would love to spend your time.

To me, that just makes sense. I love the idea of not only creating a window for myself by hanging a painting on my wall, but of being able to choose the perfect view for me!

A painting or fine art print that lifts your spirits is all it takes. Even the smallest cubicle lights up with a piece of art.

When people come to my booth at the Santa Fe weekend Artist Market, I can tell if they connect with a painting. They spend time taking it in, and will often share why it calls to them. Something in that particular painting brings forth memories and feelings that are precious.

And that is exactly the kind of work to keep around you—pieces that lift your spirits and bring you back into the best part of yourself.

Art is a shared experience. . . a single visual moment passing from the artist to the viewer. The air’s freshness, the brilliance of the blue sky, the feel of the day all flow through the paintbrush onto the canvas. It’s all ready to re-activate for anyone who stops a moment to look.

So, if you don’t already, I’d encourage you to start using art for all its worth.

Hang a favorite piece of art in your work space or at home. . . and see if it doesn’t immediately lift your spirits and the quality of your day.

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Rice Freeman-Zachery knows how to make time for art—and be prepared, she won't accept any excuses from you about why you don't have the time. In a way, she's like a much needed Marine Corp Sergeant for artists. She's on a special mission to make "your art" your top priority. After I discovered . . . read more

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