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Motivation and Inspiration for Aspiring and Professional Artists

“Culture and the arts are essential means by which all people explain their experience, shape their identity and imagine the. . . read more

How often are aspiring artists told that they will neither find a job nor be talented enough to make art a career? And yet art. . . read more

For most creative people, creative stillness is the worst possible fate. Whether you call it artist’s block, stagnation, or. . . read more

In a 2002 report by the Arts Education Partnership it was shown that children exposed to the arts, such as drama, music and dance, are often more proficient at reading, writing and math.

In fact, while many people still think of art as frivolous, it has been found over and over again that it not only. . . read more

A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends. . . read more

Film director Robert Wise stated many years ago that his three P’s were “passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this. . . read more

When I was a boy my sister and I spent most of our spare time entering painting competitions. We were both quite successful and. . . read more

Dear artists,

There's a little known skill that all current and future successful artists possess. Unfortunately, many artists themselves don’t realize how important this skill is.

It's the ability to fail.

"What’s the big deal about failure?" you might ask. "And why do artists need to become familiar with it—even seek after. . . read more

Sometimes the most innovative ideas are simply a reconfiguration of existing ones. The trick, of course, is finding that magical. . . read more

Can a creative process like painting be streamlined? David Lemyre and David Kassan think so. . . and to prove it, they’ve. . . read more

As a working artist, you probably spend the majority of your days creating or promoting your work in whatever way you can. You. . . read more

Until I stumbled across the Road Less Traveled Kickstarter project I didn’t realize how I rarely experienced photography of children with special needs. So today, I want to take a minute to add awareness to an important issue in many people's lives.

. . . read more

Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static. There are. . . read more

Sometimes, despite all the potential sources of inspiration around me, artist’s block sets in. I typically use this time to. . . read more

Many years ago, I attended art school at the University of Michigan and like many idealistic young painters, I dreamed of. . . read more

Have you ever seen something amazing, yet kind of obvious, and said to yourself, “Wow, I wish I had thought of that!"?

Designer Duncan Shotton actually does think of those things, and then creates them for the world to enjoy. From Loch Ness thumbtacks to tape dispensers that looks like cassette tapes, Shotton is continually rethinking everyday items. And his current. . . read more

It’s too easy to let others steal your dream of being an artist. Often it’s the people who are closest to you, or the. . . read more

There is something magical about taking REAL photographs. . . the process of seeing, capturing light, then transferring it to. . . read more

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” As artists, you and I know he was. . . read more

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