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Motivation and Inspiration for Aspiring and Professional Artists

Our third word is INTEGRATE, which follows observe and ponder. “Everything on the page should talk to each other.” This wise. . . read more

Imagine sitting and painting in the high, bright sunshine amid the many faces of the Alpine mountains in Europe. . . or if you. . . read more

A close companion to our first word for artists, observe, is PONDER: to contemplate, reflect, and perhaps ruminate a bit.

You’ll find a lot of folks pondering in art galleries. Art. . . read more

Some time ago I wrote down 6 words based on academic elements and principles in order to teach a design class. These words are. . . read more

Have you ever heard this poem? Stick to your task ’til it sticks to you; Beginners are many, but enders are few. Honour,. . . read more

A small group of artists and activists in Ohio is working on cleaning up pollution that seeps into rivers and waterways from abandoned coal mines. And guess what? They found an incredible way to do it!

Their solution is to extract the harmful metals (iron oxide) from polluted streams and turn that pollution into gorgeous non-toxic pigments and paints to be used by artists. . . read more

Art reproduction company TOPofART recently sent me the time-lapse video below, and it blew my mind—I hope you enjoy it as. . . read more

Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Sekinchan is one of many paddy plantations that cover the land. It is unique. . . read more

Last year I began an envelope exchange, a popular activity for letter lovers of all ages. Within a short time, almost 50 people committed to sending one hand-addressed envelope each month to a “pen pal” on their list.

The participants are both ladies and gents all over the United States as well as internationally. If you’re new to hand lettering or journaling, these letter. . . read more

Disappointment is as much a part of life as breathing. If you’ve lived any length of time, you’ve experienced disappointment;. . . read more

As artists, we often run into obstacles that hinder our creativity. Maybe it’s just a small worry that sucks some of the. . . read more

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