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Lindsey Tull: Setting the Stage for Exceptional Still Lifes

A self-described realist/impressionist oil painter, Lindsey Tull has a knack for creating beautiful still life paintings which often include challenging, reflective subjects in immaculately staged spaces.

Although Lindsey graduating from the Academy of Art University with a degree in animation, she now focuses entirely on oil painting—and her still lifes in particular are beautifully planned and executed.

Lindsey begins each of her still life paintings by creating a lovely arrangement of carefully chosen objects. She then captures them on canvas (or sometimes wood panel) with fresh, lively colors and careful attention to detail.


In the piece above, Lindsey even set herself the extra challenge of painting white reflective pottery against white fabric. It was worth it, however, since those white-on-white subjects nicely frame the cascading green fabric and bowl of lemons, making the latter a very strong focal point for the painting.

For this next image, Lindsey split her composition vertically down the center, using a single large copper pot to fill the left side and an entire group of objects (including a flower, lemon, book and piece of fabric) to balance the right.


Like many of her paintings, this one shows off Lindsey’s love affair with reflective surfaces. Take a close look at that copper pot and you’ll quickly see how her highlights, brush strokes and colors give the perfect illusion of a smooth metal surface reflecting the objects around it.

In the final image below, a glass jar filled with cilantro takes the place of her token reflective object, while a red pepper becomes the focal point. The composition is simple, elegant, and colorful. . . and like all of Lindsey’s still life paintings, the objects chosen (as well as their placement) are intended to draw the viewer both in and around the space to see every single beautiful detail.


If you have a few minutes today, I encourage you to visit Lindsey’s website at LindseyTull.wordpress.com and experience more of her beautifully painted still lifes.

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