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Oil Paintings by Debbie Miller

Published Jun. 11th 2007

This week’s featured artist is Debbie Miller, an illustrator and painter from Rhode Island.

When I looked through Debbie’s painting blog, I absolutely loved her free, illustrative style; so I decided to pick out three of her works to share with you.

Sunnyside Up 2 by Debbie Miller

Sunnyside Up 2 is one of several bold, loosely brushed small paintings of flowers in simple glass jars.

The colors are so beautifully intense and it’s such a straightforward painting that it’s easy to miss how the glass jar is shaped with just a few simple strokes of black, white, and reflected purple color.

Debbie’s drawing skills are made even more obvious in this next painting, entitled Patience.

Patience by Debbie Miller

There were actually several paintings of children in Debbie’s blog, and all of them are very well done.

In Patience, not only has she captured the shapes and proportions correctly, but there’s even a sense of softly dappled light falling on the children’s skin. That’s a tricky thing to paint, but she pulled it off quite well.

And finally, my favorite (probably because of the high contrast and summery vibe) is this painting entitled Summer Shoes.

Summer Shoes by Debbie Miller

It has a great composition full of strong diagonals, well-balanced positive/negative space, a few bold colors, and iconic summer imagery—what more could you ask for?

It’s perfect.

And of course, if you liked these then head on over to Debbie Miller’s daily painting blog and check out the rest of her paintings. You won’t be disappointed.

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