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Art Products: Reviews of Digital and Traditional Artist Supplies

I am an artist who has been supporting myself and my children selling my paintings online for 10 years. Over that time,. . . read more

I recently emailed Windsor and Newton regarding their use of animal ingredients within their art supplies, and they very kindly. . . read more

Most of my art mediums are usually oils, watercolors, pastel, acrylic and charcoal. I’ve occasionally used markers for some of. . . read more

First, let me just say that I’m not really a frame guy. I’ve never really cared for framing my canvases, preferring instead to paint the edges on gallery wrapped canvas. I’ve just always felt like most frames draw too much attention to themselves.

Recently though I’ve been using up a stockpile of 3/4 inch deep canvases, so when three of my current paintings were accepted into. . . read more

Today I've taken three brands of watercolour pencils/sticks (Derwent Aquatone, Derwent Inktense, and Neocolor II) and compared. . . read more

Swiss-made Caran d’Ache Neocolor II watercolor crayons are available in a wide variety of strong bright colors. . . 84 to be. . . read more

Created in 2007, PanPastels are innovative pans of pastel pigment that are meant to be scooped, spread, and smoothed using. . . read more

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The first time I saw a set of oil pastels was at a drugstore in a very small display of art supplies. It cost a dollar and change for a set of 24, two dollars and change for a larger set of 36. The colors looked. . . read more

Derwent, an inventive UK pencil company, has come up with an art product unlike any other - ink pencils. These unique colored. . . read more

Ever get asked, "Where's the best place to find art supplies?" Or, "Where do you buy art materials? Online? Or from an actual. . . read more

Looking for pre-stretched, pre-primed canvas? My review of FrenchCanvas.com includes a 10% discount for artists who mention. . . read more

When I bought my Wacom Graphire a few months ago it came with Corel Painter Essentials. Since I had Photoshop already, I didn’t even bother installing Painter at first—I figured that anything Corel Painter could offer me I could already do in Photoshop. Well, this week I actually took a look at Corel Painter to see if I was right. I’m not going to extensively compare and contrast Painter. . . read more

Read a review of the Wacom Graphire Pen and Tablet. If you're into digital drawing, cartooning, or digital painting, a Wacom. . . read more

Wacom Tablets are a different way of interacting with your computer. Like a mouse, you can use the Pen to select, drag, or click. . . read more

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