Non-traditional Art Tutorials: Mixed-Media, Found Objects, Etc.

About 10 years ago, fiber artist and painter Teresa Shippy found a great use for her ever-expanding collection of vintage tin tiles. With some basic plain cloth and paint (and lots of experimentation!) she learned to “transfer” her tin tile designs onto fabric, making. . . read more
Being a saver (like most starving artists) I’ve been collecting seashells, antique jewelry, artificial flowers, glitter, sequins, etc, for many years. There are many beautiful crafts that can be created from items like these, and they always make unique gifts for family and friends.. . . read more
Today I’m going to show you how can make your own pochade box out of a cigar box just like the old impressionist masters. Best of all, the total cost of making this little pochade box should be about $12.00.. . . read more
If you need a fun art project you can do with your family on a cold winter day, keep on reading - I’m going to show you how to turn small, ornamental gourds into little holiday snowmen that the entire family will enjoy.. . . read more
Today I’m going to show you how to make a special “Angels & Snowflakes” gourd ornament for the holidays. You can apply many of these techniques and instructions for any kind of gourd decorating you’re interested in.. . . read more
In my previous article I shared several important tips for safely carving gourds. With those tips in mind, let’s get started on a gourd or two! You may even find that you already have everything you need to get the job done. . . read more
Using rocks and sea glass in jewelry is very popular with jewelry-makers these days as an inexpensive, easy way to add interest and color to your work. Unless you plan on wire-wrapping the pieces, however, you first will need to drill a hole in each of your rocks.. . . read more
Have you ever painted with coffee? Believe it or not, it’s a wonderful medium for monochromatic artwork, with a wide range of rich brown hues. You can even use both instant and regular coffee to paint with.. . . read more
Pyrography is an artform that doesn't require expensive tools - you can burn with an inexpensive woodburning tool just as well as you can with a professional burning system. Here are a few options. . . read more
Gourds are incredible natural canvases for art, but they have to be cured and cleaned before you can paint, carve, or decorate them. When working with gourds, there are a few pieces of safety equipment you should use to keep yourself and those around you healthy.. . . read more

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