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Art and Color Theory: Tips for Artists and the Meaning of Colors

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Understanding color when painting may feel like confusing subject, but it really doesn’t need to be. By using just a limited. . . read more

There are lots of color schemes that artists can use in their paintings: complimentary, triadic, split-complimentary,. . . read more

It's all too easy for beginning artists (and many experienced artists as well) to undervalue the importance of understanding color theory.

When I was first starting out, I bought many tubes of paint and relied heavily on "convenience" mixes in lieu of mixing my own colors. Mixing just seemed so complicated! Plus, I felt that color theory was not only boring but over-rated. I. . . read more

Have you ever noticed how art magazines, art blogs, art classes and instructional books often call bright greens “garish”?. . . read more

Today's list of resources will help anyone interested in learning about color theory (or the use of color in art) at a college. . . read more

White isn’t a primary, secondary, or tertiary color. Scientifically speaking, it’s actually the combination of all colors in the visible spectrum of light. What the color white means to us psychologically: The. . . read more

Learn about the color brown. What browns mean to us psychologically and why, how to mix brown oil paint, where brown sits on the. . . read more

Read about the color pink. What pinks mean to us mentally and emotionally; how to mix pink oil paint (mixing red and white),. . . read more

Black isn’t a primary, secondary, or tertiary color. In fact, black isn’t on the . . . read more

Read about the color orange. What oranges mean to us mentally and emotionally; types of orange pigments and oil paints (cadmium,. . . read more

Learn about the color purple. What purple mean to us socially and mentally; types of purplish pigments and purple oil paints. . . read more

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