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Art and Color Theory: Tips for Artists and the Meaning of Colors

Understanding color when painting may feel like confusing subject, but it really doesn’t need to be. By using just a limited. . . read more

There are lots of color schemes that artists can use in their paintings: complimentary, triadic, split-complimentary,. . . read more

When I first started painting, I bought many tubes of paint and relied heavily on “convenience” mixes in lieu of mixing my. . . read more

Have you ever noticed how art magazines, art blogs, art classes and instructional books often call bright greens “garish”? Many will suggest avoiding green paint straight from the tube, and instead will tell you to mix your own greens from blue and yellow paint for a better effect.

Generally that "better effect" is a less intense color. . . unless you’re using Pthalo Blue mixed. . . read more

Today's list of resources will help anyone interested in learning about color theory (or the use of color in art) at a college. . . read more

Learn about the color white. What white means to us emotionally and culturally; types of white pigments and white oil paints. . . read more

Learn about the color brown. What browns mean to us psychologically and why, how to mix brown oil paint, where brown sits on the. . . read more

Pink isn’t a primary, secondary, or tertiary color; instead it’s a tint of red, and doesn’t appear on . . . read more

The color black: pigments, paintings, oil paint - and psychological meaning? Black is a bold, powerful color with a true "dark". . . read more

Read about the color orange. What oranges mean to us mentally and emotionally; types of orange pigments and oil paints (cadmium,. . . read more

Learn about the color purple. What purple mean to us socially and mentally; types of purplish pigments and purple oil paints. . . read more

Yellow is one of three primary colors along with . . . read more

Learn about the color blue. What blues mean to us psychologically and culturally;types of blue pigments and oil paints. . . read more

Read about the color red. What reds mean to us socially and psychologically; types of reddish pigments and red oil paints. . . read more

Find out about the color green. What greens mean to us culturally and psychologically; types of greenish pigments and green oil. . . read more

Understanding the color wheel and using color theory in your artwork is a good idea for any artist, and especially for oil painters. In this article I'll go. . . read more

I believe that by analyzing and learning to describe color, ANYONE can become a better painter - so today I'll be writing about. . . read more

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