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Email List Marketing for Artists: How to Build & Use Your Email List Effectively

As many of you know, last March we launched a grassroots artwork discovery and sharing service called Artwork Reveal.. . . read more

Now that the first few issues of Artwork Reveal are behind us—five, counting this month’s issue—I feel like I’ve. . . read more

For many artists, a simple art newsletter is the best way to keep fans up-to-date and interested in their latest artwork. After all, there's really nothing easier than clicking "send" on an email!

But what happens after that email goes out? Do you know if your newsletter is getting to all of the people on your email list? How many of them opened it? Did anyone click to visit. . . read more

As a visual artist, your email list may be the single most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. It’s always free to. . . read more

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about the world of email marketing—specifically, the kind of email marketing that savvy. . . read more

Creating an artist newsletter is a great way to get your artwork, gallery, art magazine, blog or publication out there and known by your community.

Even better, email marketing is cheap, effective, and easy to do if you have the right tools—and with today's email software you can even instantly see who is opening your emails and how many people click on your links.

The two. . . read more

As artists we're often told that a comprehensive, in-house mailing list is the greatest asset we can have to sell our art.. . . read more

One of the easiest ways to develop long-term interest in your art is by regularly sending out an email newsletter to fans,. . . read more

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