2nd Cartoon using the Wacom Graphire

Published on Feb. 3rd 2007

The Artist Drew First

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If you make a lot of art on your computer, you’re either extremely good with your mouse or you've got a Wacom Pen and Tablet. Wacom Tablets are a different way of interacting with your computer. Like a mouse, you can use the Pen to select, drag, or click on objects. Unlike a mouse, Wacom Pens . . . read more
Just a week ago I bought a Wacom Graphire to use in my digital cartooning experiments. Although I think of myself as a traditional oil painter, I've always been interested in drawing cartoons and figured that getting a Wacom would push me further in that direction. After using the Graphire, I'. . . read more
If you're a traditional artist, transferring your skills to a digital format can be both frustrating and rewarding. Luckily, with a Wacom pen and tablet things get a bit easier. In the following paragraphs I'll be going through the process I use to create a digital painting in GIMP with my Wac. . . read more
When I bought my Wacom Graphire a few months ago it came with Corel Painter Essentials. Since I had Photoshop already, I didn’t even bother installing Painter at first—I figured that anything Corel Painter could offer me I could already do in Photoshop. Well, this week I actually took a look a. . . read more
Matt Glover of ChewingPencils is hosting an online contest during the month of January while he takes some time off from his blog. The contest is simple – enter a small, one-panel gag cartoon on any subject. The required dimensions are 5cm wide by 8cm tall, and that's where the difficulty come. . . read more
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