Commission Work (Why Artists go Insane)

Published Jan. 13th 2007

Bad Commission

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In last Sunday's newsletter I hinted at a new method for finding commission work online. Some of you may already have an idea about what that new method may be, but if not, today I'm going to share what it is, where to find it, and how to use it. First, some good news: while it's very differen. . . read more
As an artist, getting a request for a commission and working out the details with that potential client is one of life's biggest thrills. It's a justification that your work is worth something, and that you're skilled enough and professional enough to take on your own clients. But sometimes a . . . read more
It seems like almost every artist does a little commission work at one time or another. Creating individual works of art for clients is a great way to earn some extra money and expand your portfolio—as long as the commission piece doesn't turn into more trouble than it’s worth. You see, unlike. . . read more
For many of us, art is easily accessible: it's on our walls, we go see it in local galleries and museums—or we simply create it ourselves. For others, however, art is only a distant idea seen briefly on television or read about in books. And the chance to create art? It just doesn't happen. Ar. . . read more
Until recently, I was reading about search engine optimization and applying SEO techniques to my website and blog, but I didn’t really see it working. I just had a hard time seeing how SEO translated into someone actually finding my products and buying them. Even now, in looking at my traffic . . . read more
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