The Complete Guide to Drawing

A 3hr 25min expert-led HD video course for artists

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Learn how to create awe-inspiring, hyper-realistic, true-to-life drawings—everything from still life drawings and city scenes to portraits and animal drawings!

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Are you ready to start drawing like a pro?

Maybe you're brand new at art and want to improve, fast. Or you've been an artist for a while but you’ve recently realized your drawing fundamentals need work. Perhaps you're interested in painting and know that to excel in oil, acrylic, or watercolor you MUST have a solid foundation of drawing skills, knowledge, and techniques.

Wherever you're at in your art journey, our comprehensive video course (with 8 videos and over 3 hours of expert training) will give you the skills and techniques to use your eyes, mind, and hands to faithfully recreate anything you see into a realistic drawing on paper.

Here's what's included

Companion eBook and Materials List

A short list of art supplies you'll need, plus a downloadable companion eBook to this course

Lesson 1. Learning to SEE (& sketch) like an artist

25min demonstration video + 6 sketching exercises

In our first video we demonstrate several tricks and tips for looking at an object and seeing all its different visual parts—making it much, much easier to draw. You'll get hands-on sketching instruction immediately, with several exercises designed to change the way you see and draw the world around you.

Lesson 2. Creating an effective still life scene

40min demonstration video + 8 still life drawings you can recreate at home

In our second lesson we cover setting up a still life, or staging a scene, so you can practice drawing from crisp, well-lit environments with a range of shadows and highlights. Our 8 still life suggestions will help you create the perfect practice drawing environment at home.

NOTE: Don't have room to set up a still life? No problem! Drawing from photos can work too, but they MUST be high-quality—we'll show you how to take great reference photos, even if you only have a smartphone camera!

Lesson 3. Discovering how to draw like a professional artist

Two 5-10min gesture drawing demonstrations + a full 40min drawing lesson

Our third lesson offers three video drawing demonstrations with step-by-step expert instruction to help you learn the correct method for creating masterful, realistic-looking drawings! Beginning with two short gesture drawing demonstrations and moving on to a detailed drawing from life, you'll discover how to craft a truly realistic drawing—all the way from planning a compelling composition to adding stunning visual depth with a variety of pencil strokes, a full range of values, and those all-important highlights.

Lesson 4. Drawing buildings & city scenes

20min on-location sketching lesson + materials list

Our fourth lesson shares the essential tools you'll need for drawing building and architecture from life, and includes a 20-minute demonstration video (with voice over instructions recorded later in the studio) to help you complete your own realistic cityscape drawings, around-town sketches, and more!

Lesson 5. Applying your new drawing skills to portraits & animals

35min portrait drawing lesson + 30min pet drawing demonstration

Take your skills to the final level! Drawing a realistic portrait is fundamentally the same as still life drawing, but there are a few common mistakes that artists make when drawing facial features which are easily avoidable. Our portrait drawing lesson covers every stage of the drawing from initial sketch to drawing finished features like hair, eyes, noses, and ears.

Plus, you'll also get full, unlimited access to thousands of FREE drawing reference photos!

They're yours to use during the course lessons and as long as you like afterwards, absolutely free!

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