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ArtBreak.com is a new social networking website and online art gallery for artists. You can sign up to sell your art through. . . read more

As an art blogger myself, I read a lot of art blogs. I've found some good ones and some great ones - but going into 2008, I. . . read more

TalentDatabase.com is a social network for artists. A pretty good one too, at least from what I've seen of it, and unlike MySpace or Facebook it's a gathering place specifically for the talented. But don't let. . . read more

MyArtInfo.com is a new social networking website for artists, and after hearing about it from several sources I thought I'd check. . . read more

There are a lot of art history websites online, but only a few that I keep going back to over and over again. If you need. . . read more

Do you scribble cartoons all day at work? Or if you're a bit younger, are your doodles the only thing getting you through Algebra, Biology, or whatever you have eighth period? If so then there's a place for you at . . . read more

There’s been a few news-worthy items (to artists anyway) that popped up on the internet over the last few weeks. You might. . . read more

A few weeks ago I came across a post written by gallery owner Edward Winkleman, of the Winkleman Gallery in New York. In it,. . . read more

Bloggers are a diverse bunch, aren’t they? And art blogs are no different—you never know exactly what you’ll get when you visit an art blog for the first time. That’s why I think it’s always worth mentioning the people online who contribute to the world of art day in and day out. And that's why today's article is about one of the best art bloggers out there: Charley Parker of . . . read more

Katherine Tyrrell’s blog, Making a Mark, is a fantastic resource for artists in every medium. I first found Katherine’s blog. . . read more

Today I'm just going to share two of my favorite art blogs with you, and whenever you have a few minutes, I'd encourage you to. . . read more

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