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Art Products: Reviews of Digital and Traditional Artist Supplies

Derwent, an inventive UK pencil company, has come up with an art product unlike any other - ink pencils. These unique colored. . . read more

Ever get asked, "Where's the best place to find art supplies?" Or, "Where do you buy art materials? Online? Or from an actual. . . read more

What brand of canvas do you buy? Do you buy pre-stretched canvas? Pre-primed? Do you make your own canvases? Beginning painters often buy cheap art canvases at arts and crafts stores just to save money. But once you've been painting a. . . read more

When I bought my Wacom Graphire a few months ago it came with Corel Painter Essentials. Since I had Photoshop already, I didn’t. . . read more

Read a review of the Wacom Graphire Pen and Tablet. If you're into digital drawing, cartooning, or digital painting, a Wacom. . . read more

If you make a lot of art on your computer, you’re either extremely good with your mouse or you've got a Wacom Pen and Tablet. Wacom Tablets are a different way of interacting with your computer. Like a mouse, you can use the Pen to select, drag, or click on objects. Unlike a mouse, Wacom Pens are pressure sensitive for different sized strokes in your drawing programs, and feel like a natural. . . read more

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