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Poll Questions for EmptyEasel Readers:
Find out What Other Artists Think

This week's poll is short and sweet - I thought it might be interesting to see how other artists expected to be using the. . . read more

Today's poll: How much is the average artist willing to pay for their own portfolio website? When you factor in the cost of setup. . . read more

There's always something, isn't there? Something that keeps you from your easel, away from your paints and pencils? I have two of these "stumbling blocks" myself—one is blogging (well, the internet in general) and the other is just feeling too tired to start in on a new project. I think it helps to know your weaknesses, though, because with some planning you can often work around those. . . read more

Ever wondered how your art blog or artist portfolio compares to other artist's websites in terms of traffic? Find out by taking. . . read more

Are you an art competition junkie? Are juried shows an obsession? Or not so much? This week I asked artists how often they enter. . . read more

This week's poll was a simple one—what artistic medium do you like the best? Originally I asked this question because I'd like to try and post more articles on the subjects that you’re all interested in. . . but it's also just fun to see what types of artists visit EmptyEasel. The results are below. Feel free to vote if you haven't yet! {democracy:15} . . . read more

Most of us are used to art galleries taking a commission on the sale of our art - usually between 40-50% of the sale. But with. . . read more

As an artist myself, I tend to look at the prices on artwork from a sort of "insider" perspective. I think about the cost of. . . read more

Inspiration is an interesting thing for artists. Personally, I get most of my ideas for new painting series randomly, almost out of the blue. . . and I have to write them down immediately because I'm likely to forget if I don't. But anything can spark an idea—a movie, a book, an interesting turn of a phrase. . . sometimes a single color inspires me. So what's your inspiration? If you. . . read more

For most artists, art is either our livelihood or we'd like it to be. It's a business. And I think that a little advertising -. . . read more

There's no doubt that Bob Ross is an iconic American figure—it seems like nearly everyone knows who he is whether they're. . . read more

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