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Artist Interviews: Q&A Sessions With Professional Artists

Osnat Tzadok has been an artist for only nine years, and already has over 4,000 pieces in the homes and offices of various art. . . read more

As a child, Chris Scheidler Pagano loved to draw get-well cards for family and neighbors, and was often encouraged by her. . . read more

Carolyn Madvig worked in corporate America for 25 years, often feeling unfulfilled. But when her employer decided to downsize, she saw it as a sign to turn her hobby business into a full-fledged, money-making adventure—and she has never regretted. . . read more

Suzanne Millius was exposed to a very creative lifestyle as a young child. Her parents introduced her to both music and art, but. . . read more

Shortly after becoming a stay-at-home wife, Destiny Womack decided to list a few of her paintings on eBay in hopes of earning. . . read more

Corey Johnston originally thought he'd grow up to be a high school English teacher, but once he discovered he could be artistic, using needle, cloth, and thread to actually make something with his hands, there was no turning back. He was. . . read more

Tim Gagnon first started painting with acrylics while in college, as he studied fine art, and today he’s a professional artist. . . read more

John T. Davis, of J. Davis Studios, has been a full-time working artist for more than 30 years. One day, while working on a pet. . . read more

As a young child, Judy Thompson was fascinated with illustration books, often spending hours studying and re-drawing her favorite pictures. Over the years she focused more and more on her own art, and seven years ago made the transition to professional. . . read more

Before graduating from art school, Emma SanCartier had to complete a final project. She chose to create an original children's. . . read more

Prior to becoming a licensed artist, Australian designer Chris Chun paid his dues by working as a textile designer and product. . . read more

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