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Artist Interviews: Q&A Sessions With Professional Artists

John T. Davis, of J. Davis Studios, has been a full-time working artist for more than 30 years. One day, while working on a pet. . . read more

As a young child, Judy Thompson was fascinated with illustration books, often spending hours studying the imagery and drawing. . . read more

Before graduating from art school, Emma SanCartier had to complete a final project. She chose to create an original children's. . . read more

Prior to becoming a licensed artist, Australian designer Chris Chun paid his dues by working as a textile designer and product manager for home décor. Today he spends his days creating original works of art for collectors, and commercial work for his licensing. . . read more

When Alisa Burnette took a basic “Principles of Welding” class she immediately recognized there was a lot of potential there. . . read more

Mark Langan comes from a long line of artists, but it wasn’t until 2003, after 20+ years in the transportation industry that he. . . read more

Diane Allison has been creating and selling her custom game boards for eighteen years, and was listed in Country Living Magazine. . . read more

Rebecca Latham first started painting in 1992 and since then has studied with notable artists such as Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders.

Shortly after her art career began, she got involved with the "Federal Jr. Duck Stamp" program, which raises. . . read more

As a child, Shari Warren was never without a drawing or painting tool nearby. She was even voted the “class artist.” Today,. . . read more

Angela B, of Charming Habits Jewelry believes that words offer the ability to empower people. . . choose the right word, the. . . read more

Louis Farkovitz has been doodling and creating art, in one form or another, for over forty years. But it wasn’t until his. . . read more

Anne Manner-McLarty has always been artistic, but her career as a consultant and business executive—which she pursued even while raising a family—often overshadowed her artistic life.

Now that her children are nearly grown,. . . read more

Julie Burton runs JD Salvaged Style Creations with her husband, Dave, who is also an artist. Together they are on a mission to. . . read more

Eric Johnson started selling his work in 1991 after being accepted to a show at the Birmingham Civic Center. To pass the time, he. . . read more

Over the years, Robert Houston Sneed has tried sculpting, photography, and other art forms but has always returned to his true. . . read more

Brit Hammer has a belief that we, as individuals, have "the ability to take life into our own hands and create something beautiful with it."

That's the message she conveys every single time she creates art, gives a speech, or writes a book. .. . . read more

Today we’re going to learn just a little bit about what it takes to be a traveling artist, as pattern designer and doll maker,. . . read more

Quentin Eckman started creating art the day he managed to hold a crayon in his hand. It simply came that naturally to him. But. . . read more

Shana James has been exhibiting her art for 23 years, and has been making art since she was a young child. But it was during high. . . read more

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