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Artist Interviews: Q&A Sessions With Professional Artists

Jenny Grant has been drawing and painting for most of her life, but she didn’t start showing her art in public until 2010.. . . read more

Phil Couture has been selling his oil paintings professionally for eight years, but his roots as an artist began early in. . . read more

Tara Barney started drawing her Shetland pony at the age of four and has college credits in art at the Colorado State University, but her talent as an artist is mostly self-taught.

Besides drawing and painting, Tara also knits and creates beautiful. . . read more

Jennie Bradley has been a professional illustrator for six years. It was through her studies, in Graphic Communications, that she. . . read more

Princess Mia is a self-taught artist who uses her emotions to convey a message in each piece of art she creates. She remembers. . . read more

Shelly Penko earned a degree in fine arts and went on to teach art in public schools for 16 years before she left teaching to become a full-time artist.

Though she's been painting since the age of five, she says that creating art can still be scary,. . . read more

When Nathalie Van was a little girl, she watched her grandmother paint furniture using a Swiss folk art technique known as. . . read more

Sarah Ettinger’s father was a commercial artist who nurtured her interest in art by taking her to the Art Institute of. . . read more

Kim Piotrowski is a New York City painter with a background in biology and fractal geometry—two things which extensively influence her paintings.

Her work has appeared as store props in Barneys Department Store in Midtown Manhattan, she has. . . read more

Born in France, Lea Vendetta was one of those creative kids whose imagination kept her drawing and creating art all the time. In. . . read more

Josh Tiessen has had the desire to create his own art since the time he could hold a crayon in his hand. He first exhibited his. . . read more

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