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Although Laly Mille has been creative since childhood, it took her many years to listen to her creative soul, and become an artist. In fact, she didn’t start calling herself an artist, or sharing her art with the world, until 2010. After reading Kelly Rae Robert’s book, Taking. . . read more
Gioi Tran studied art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, toured professionally with ballet and modern dance companies, and currently runs Applegate Tran Interiors while selling fine art to collectors throughout the world. As busy as this multi-talented artist is, Gioi kindly took some. . . read more
Bennett Vadnais has been creating art since the age of 14, and has been a full-time artist and art instructor for the past 12 years. Like many young artists, he originally started out drawing, but when he entered high school a local artist introduced him to classical painting and he’s. . . read more
When Bert Hornbeck was in high school she entered an art competition in which she attempted to paint a soldier. When she couldn’t get the soldier to appear, she swirled the paint, creating one large nose and an eye. With that painting she won an award, and grew the confidence to keep. . . read more
Sarah Dowling went to the Massachusetts College of Art where she majored in Print Making, and went on to receive a Bachelors of Arts Degree. Then she continued her post-graduate education at. . . read more
Eric Francis started out painting cartoon characters. He learned everything he could from books and later went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio painting from Centenary College in Louisiana. After college, painting took a backseat to earning a living. . . that is, until the. . . read more
Kevin Meredith started out as an art student, but after starting a family of his own, he put away his paints and took another career choice. Thirty-two years later, for no other reason than he missed painting, he decided to “dust off his paintbrushes to test his earlier talent.”. . . read more
While Rebecca Beal was raising her children, she spent most of her working career in corporate sales. Then one day everything changed. . . after the loss of her father she experienced several health issues that resulted in over ten major surgeries, a heart attack, and moving in with her mom.. . . read more
Debbie Shirley attended a Liberal Arts college in Pennsylvania and received degrees in Fine Arts and Communication Arts. After graduation, she moved to New England and became a manager in the printing industry. . . but soon found spending her days in front of the computer unsatisfying. After. . . read more
Jenny Grant has been drawing and painting for most of her life, but she didn’t start showing her art in public until 2010. In 2012, she successfully exhibited in a solo show called, “The Inner Voice,” and today her work appears in Sweden and New Zealand, and is sold online. . . read more
Phil Couture has been selling his oil paintings professionally for eight years, but his roots as an artist began early in childhood, when he was a constant drawer and painter. In 2005, while working as a Veterinary Tech Assistant, he began offering drawings and paintings of clients’. . . read more
Tara Barney started drawing her Shetland pony at the age of four and has college credits in art at the Colorado State University, but her talent as an artist is mostly self-taught. Besides drawing and painting, Tara also knits and creates beautiful handcrafted jewelry in a variety of. . . read more
Jennie Bradley has been a professional illustrator for six years. It was through her studies, in Graphic Communications, that she developed a passion for digital illustration. After graduations, she jumped straight into a job where she created illustrations for greetings cards, gift wrap,. . . read more
Princess Mia is a self-taught artist who uses her emotions to convey a message in each piece of art she creates. She remembers being a very ambitious and career oriented as a child, and that carried over into her young adult life. It wasn’t until her boyfriend encouraged her to follow. . . read more

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