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Art Opinion: Articles and Insight for the 21st Century Artist

A year ago, after a few months of “daily painting” and starting a new art blog, I felt it was time to join an online print. . . read more

Plein-air painting—or, painting outside in the open air with all the perils and dangers that entails—is a very odd, and. . . read more

A co-worker of mine once remarked, “You can tell which people have degrees: they use phrases like 'kind of' and 'sort of' and 'type of' when they talk."

I'd been noticing those phrases as well, for some months now, and it made me wonder why this trend exists. Eventually I've come to think that the phrase "sort of" (and other filler phrases like it) may just be upgraded versions of. . . read more

Should we (as artists) be willing to adapt and diversify our artwork to the market in order to generate mass market appeal? Or. . . read more

Last year Jane bought a painting at a prestigious art show. She loved it, and decided to buy another painting from the same. . . read more

I used to earn money for bread by delivering rural mail. My sorting work area stood just next to a wonderful woman named Patty who was very enthusiastic about my artistic endeavors, and occasionally bought a piece of art from me. Over the years we became great friends, getting to know one another while we dealt with the daily buckets of mail.

But Patty referred to my art as a. . . read more

I can’t help noticing that art galleries are closing in droves. In the USA, anyway. It’s easy to blame this on tough economic. . . read more

Change comes in many ways. Some changes we seek while others are forced upon us. Many people find change a frightening prospect.. . . read more

In pursuit of our artistic dreams, we’re all prepared to go the extra mile. But what if that mile stretches into the hundreds?

When my agency invited me to join them at Bologna Book Fair in Italy, I was thrilled. I’d been creating dummy books and children's illustrations for them on a spec basis, and with Bologna catering specifically for the children’s book market, they thought. . . read more

As I like to say, "Every art piece is a song with its own melody." It has its own chords, its own rhythm, and its own particular. . . read more

I create fairie art. . . What impression of me does that give you? I also create feline and feminine art. Does that reinforce the. . . read more

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